Amalie von Hessen-Darmstadt : diforc'h etre ar stummoù

== He buhez ==
Amalie a voe degaset da Saint Petersburg gant he mamm e 1772 da weladenniñ lez Rusia, rak unan eus danvez-priedoù ar priñs Paul e oa met tro wenn a reas-hi rak hennezh a gavas gwell dimeziñ d'he c'hoar [[Wilhelmina LouisaLuisa von Hessen-Darmstadt]] .
<!--during her marriage, she complained about the coldness of the Margrave Karl Friedrich and the childish behavior of her spouse. She also missed the Prussian and Russian courts. She served ceremoniously as the first lady of the court from the death of her mother in law in 1783 until the marriage of her son in 1806. In 1801, she visited her daughter the Russian Empress in Russia with her family, and thereafter her second daughter, the Swedish Queen, in Sweden in September 1801. During her stay in Sweden she was described as witty, intelligent and correct and fully dominated her spouse.<ref>
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