Diforc'hioù etre adstummoù "Uibhist a Deas"

D (r2.7.1) (Robot ouzhpennet: la:Uistus Australis)
A-bouez eo an douristelezh evit an enezenn. Gweladenniñ a treer
* ar [[Kildonan Museum]] gant ar [[Clanranald Stone]] eus ar XVIvet kantved;
dismantroù an ti ma oa ganet [[Flora MacDonald (Scottish Jacobite)|Flora MacDonald]].
<!--South Uist is home to the Askernish Golf Course. The oldest course in the Outer Hebrides, designed by [[Old Tom Morris]], who also worked on the Old Course at St. Andrews. The course, which existed intact until the 1930s, is now being restored to Morris's original design, although this is being held up by disagreements with local crofters.<ref>[http://www.storasuibhist.com/LatestPressReleases.php Storas Uibhist press release]</ref> Part of the course was destroyed to make way for a runway, and its identity remained hidden for many years before its apparent discovery, but the claim is disputed by many locals.<ref>[http://www.cybergolf.com/state.asp?stateID=78&newsID=3857 cybergolf.com re Askernish course.] Retrieved 16 June 2007.</ref><ref>[http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/scotland/highlands_and_islands/6753819.stm Crofters deny Old Tom claim] Retrieved 18 June 2007.</ref><ref> Forgan, Duncan (28 July 2007) ''Island pins hopes on past links''. Edinburgh. The Scotsman newspaper.</ref>
There has been considerable controversy over [[European Hedgehog|hedgehog]]s on South Uist. The animals are not native to the islands, having been introduced in the 1970s to reduce garden pests. They now pose a threat to the eggs of ground nesting wading birds on the reserve. In 2003 Scottish Natural Heritage undertook a cull of hedgehogs in the area.<ref>[http://www.thehedgehog.co.uk/campaign.htm Epping Forest Hedgehog Rescue] Retrieved 1 January 2007.</ref><ref>Ross, John (21 February 2007) ''Hedgehogs saved from the syringe as controversial Uist cull called off''. Edinburgh. The Scotsman newspaper.</ref>
== Hendraouriezh ==
[[Skeudenn:South Uist.jpg|thumb|Sellout trema Nicolson's Leap. En a-dreñv emañ [[Beinn Mhór]], en dorn kleiz , hag [[Hecla (South Uist)|Hecla]] en dorn dehoù.]]