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[[Image:Miltiades.jpg|thumb|140px|right|Miltiades ar yaouankañ.]]
[[File:Helmet of Miltiades 050911.jpg|thumb|"Tokarn Miltiades". Profet e oa an tokarn da templ [[Zeus]] en [[Olimpia]] gant Miltiades, a oa bet e penn an Ateniz a drec'has ar Bersed en [[Emgann Marathon]]. Enskrivadur war an tokarn : ΜΙLTIAΔES. [[Mirdi arkeologiezh Olimpia]].]]
'''Miltiades''' pe '''Miltiades ar Yaouankañ''' ([[henc'hresianeg]] Μιλτιάδης ὁ Νεώτερος, ''Miltiades o Neotepos''), ganet war-dro 550 a-raok J.-K. ha marvet e 489 a-raok J.-K.) a oa niz [[Miltiades an henañ]]. Dont a reas [[tiranterezh|tirant]] trevadennoù gresian [[C'hersonesos Trakia]] war-dro 516 a-raok J.-K., goude kemer ar galloud dre nerzh ha lakaat e gevezerien e prizon. Eurediñ a reas Hegesipile, merc'h ar roue [[Olorus]] [[Trakia]]. E vab [[Kimon]] a voe unan eus tud pennañ Aten er bloavezioù 470 ha 460 a-raok J.-K. Ren a rae brezelourien Aten pa oa trec'het ar Bersed en [[emgann Marathon]].
Dont a reas da vezañ [[Darius I of Persia|Darius I]] of [[Achaemenid Empire|Persia]], joining Darius' expedition against the [[Scythians]] around 513 BC. He joined the [[Ionian Revolt]] of 499 BC against Persian rule, establishing friendly relations with [[Athens]] and capturing the islands of [[Lemnos]] and [[Imbros]] (which he eventually ceded to [[Athens]]). However, the revolt collapsed in 494 BC and in 492 BC Miltiades fled to [[Athens]] to escape a retaliatory Persian invasion. His son [[Metiochos]] was captured by the [[Achaemenid Empire|Persians]] and made a lifelong prisoner, but was nonetheless treated honourably as a ''de facto'' member of the Persian nobility. Arriving in [[Athens]], Miltiades initially faced a hostile reception for his tyrannical rule in the Thracian Chersonese. Having spent three years in prison he was sentenced to death for the crime of tyranny. However, he successfully presented himself as a defender of Greek freedoms against Persian despotism and escaped punishment. He was elected to serve as one of the 10 generals (''[[Strategos|strategoi]]'') for 490 BC. He is often credited with devising the tactics that defeated the Persians in the [[Battle of Marathon]] later that year.
The following year, 489 BC, Miltiades led an Athenian expedition of seventy ships against the Greek-inhabited islands that were deemed to have supported the Persians. The expedition was not a success. The fleet attacked [[Paros]], which had been conquered by the Persians, but failed to take the island. Miltiades suffered a bad leg wound during the campaign and became incapacitated. His failure prompted an outcry on his return to [[Athens]], enabling his political rivals to exploit his fall from grace. Charged with treason, he was sentenced to death, but the sentence was converted to a fine of fifty [[Talent (weight)|talents]]. This was a huge and unaffordable sum by the standards of the time. He was sent to prison where he died, probably of [[gangrene]] from his wound. The debt was later paid by his son [[Cimon]].
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