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The '''Mongolic languages''' are a group of thirteen languages spoken in [[Central Asia]]. Some linguists propose the grouping of Mongolic with [[Turkic languages|Turkic]] (of which [[Turkish language|Turkish]] is a member) and [[Tungusic languages|Tungusic]] as [[Altaic languages]], but this hypothesis is not universally agreed upon.
The best-known member of this language family, [[Mongolian language|Mongolian]] (in Cyrillic orthography as used in [[Mongolia]], '''??????Монгол ???Хэл''', and in the vertical Uygur-derived script as used in [[Inner Mongolia]], China, '''''mong?ol kele'''''), is the primary [[language]] of most of the residents of [[Mongolia]], and is spoken by around 2.5 million people in Mongolia, Russia, and Inner Mongolia.
===Mongolian Languages (13 languages)===
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