Diforc'hioù etre adstummoù "Yezhoù mongolek"

Trizek '''yezh vongolek''' ez eus en holl. Komzet e vezont holl e [[Kreiz Azia]].
Yezh vrudetañ an holl yezhoù mongolek eo ar [[mongoleg]] (Монгол Хэл) komzet e [[Mogolia]].
The '''Mongolic languages''' are a group of thirteen languages spoken in [[Central Asia]]. Some linguists propose the grouping of Mongolic with [[Turkic languages|Turkic]] (of which [[Turkish language|Turkish]] is a member) and [[Tungusic languages|Tungusic]] as [[Altaic languages]], but this hypothesis is not universally agreed upon.
Setu roll ar yezhoù mongolek hag an doare d'o renkañ:
The best-known member of this language family, [[Mongolian language|Mongolian]] (in Cyrillic orthography as used in [[Mongolia]], '''Монгол Хэл''', and in the vertical Uygur-derived script as used in [[Inner Mongolia]], China, '''''mong?ol kele'''''), is the primary [[language]] of most of the residents of [[Mongolia]], and is spoken by around 2.5 million people in Mongolia, Russia, and Inner Mongolia.
===Yezhoù mongolek===
===Mongolian Languages (13 languages)===
* Yezhoù ar c'hreiz
* Central Mongolic
**[[Mongolian]] Proper (including the Khalkha dialect)
**[[OiratOirateg]] (orpe [[KalmykKalmik-OiratOirateg]])
**[[OrdosOrdoseg]] (native form: Urdus)
*Yezhoù an hanternoz
*Northern Mongolic
**[[Buryat]] (or "Bargu-Buryat")
**[[Khamnigan MongolC'hamniganeg]]
*Yezhoù ar biz
*Northeastern Mongolic
**[[DagurDagoureg]] (Daur)
*Yezhoù ar gevred
*Southeastern Mongolic (i.e., the [[Qinghai-Gansu Sprachbund]] Mongolic languages)
**[[Kangjia languageKangjiaeg]]
**[[Mongghul languageMongghuleg]]
**[[Mangghuer languageMangghuereg]]
**[[Bonan languageBonaneg]]
**[[Dongxiang languageDongxiangeg]]
*Yezhoù ar Su-kreiz
*South-Central Mongolic
**[[Shira YughurYughureg language]] (or East Yugur)
*Yezhoù ar mervent
*Southwestern Mongolic
**[[Moghol]] (also known as [[Mogholi]] or [[Mogol]])
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