Diforc'hioù etre adstummoù "Ferenc II Rákóczi"

Diverradenn ebet eus ar c'hemm
Sed e didl en e hed: '''''Franciscus II.''' Dei Gratia Sacri Romani Imperii & Transylvaniae princeps '''Rakoczi'''. Particum Regni Hungariae Dominus & Siculorum Comes, Regni Hungariae Pro Libertate Confoederatorum Statuum necnon Munkacsiensis & Makoviczensis Dux, Perpetuus Comes de Saros; Dominus in Patak, Tokaj, Regécz, Ecsed, Somlyó, Lednicze, Szerencs, Onod.''
E anv tiegezh eo '''Rákóczy''', hag e [[hungareg]] eo ''II. Rákóczi Ferenc''; in [[Slovak language|Slovak]]: ''František II. Rákoci'', ine [[Germanslovakeg, language|German]]: ''Franz II. Rákóczi'', inen [[Croatianalamaneg, language|Croatian]]: ''Franjo II. Rakoczy'' e kroateg.
[[Image:II.Rakoczi Ferenc es Zrinyi Ilona.jpg|thumb|200px|right| Delwenn da Ferenc II Rákóczi gant e vamm Jelena Zrinska (en [[Mukachevo]]).]]
Ar pinvidikañ eus perc'henned [[Rouantelezh Hungaria]] e oa.
He was the richest landlord in the [[Kingdom of Hungary]] and was the count (''comes perpetuus'') of the ''Comitatus Sarossiensis'' (in Hungarian ''[[Sáros County|Sáros]]'') from 1694 on. He was the third of three children born to [[Francis I Rákóczi]], elected ruling prince of [[Transylvania]], and [[Jelena Zrinska]] (''Zrínyi Ilona'' in Hungarian), who was the daughter of [[Petar Zrinski]] (''Zrínyi Péter'' in Hungarian), [[Ban of Croatia]], and niece of the poet [[Nikola VII Zrinski|Nikola Zrinski]] (''Zrínyi Miklós'' in Hungarian). His [[George II Rákóczi|grandfather]] and [[George I Rákóczi|great-grandfather]], both called George, were Princes of [[Transylvania]]. He had a brother, George, who died as a baby before Francis was born, and a sister, [[Julianna Rákóczi|Julianna]], who was four years older than Francis. His father died when Francis II was four months old.
Breur Ferenc, George, a varvas en-bugel a-raok e c'hanedigezh , hag e c'hoar, [[Julianna Rákóczi|Julianna]], a oa pevar bloaz warnañ. E dad a varvas pa ne oa nemet4 bloaz.
Upon Francis I's death, his widow requested guardianship of her children; however, the advisors of [[Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor|Emperor Leopold I]] insisted that he retain guardianship of both Francis and his sister, especially as Francis I had willed this before death. Despite further difficulties, Jelena Zrinska was able to raise her children, while the Emperor retained legal guardianship. The family lived in the [[Palanok Castle|castle of Munkács]] (today ''Mukacheve'', in [[Ukraine]]), [[Sárospatak]] and [[Regéc]] until 1680, when Francis’s paternal grandmother, [[Sophia Báthory]], died. Then, they moved permanently into the castle of Munkács. Rákóczi retained strong affection for this place throughout his life. Aside from his mother, Rákóczi's key educators were [[György Kőrössy]], [[castellan]] to the family, and János Badinyi.
[[File:Budapest Heroes square Ferenz Rákoczi II.jpg|thumb|Statue of Rákóczi, [[Hősök tere|Heroes' Square]], [[Budapest]], [[Hungary]]]]
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