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== Kentañ emgavadenn ==
E 1274, 9 bloaz dezhañ, e welas Dante arplacar plac'h evit arwechar wech kentañ.
Beatrice Portinari zo bet brudet e barzhonegoù Dante hag e taolennoù livourien saoz eus dibenn an XIXvet kantved, ar by [[Pre-Raphaelite]] masters and poets in the nineteenth century.
Subjects taken from Dante Alighieri's ''La Vita Nuova'' (which Rossetti had translated into English) and mostly the idealisation of Beatrice Portinari had inspired a great deal of [[Dante Gabriel Rossetti]]'s art in the 1850s, in particular after the death of his wife [[Elizabeth Siddal]]. He idealised her image as Dante's Beatrice in a number of paintings, such as "[[Beata Beatrix]]".
Anv Beatrice a adkaver en oabl, pa 'z bet anvet un asteroidenn [[83 Beatrix]] en enor dezhi.
Image:Beatrice stillman.jpg|"Beata Beatrice", gant Marie Spartali Stillman]]
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