Janed Pentevr : diforc'h etre ar stummoù

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'''Janed Pentevr''' pe '''Janed ar Gammez'''
(e galleg ''Jeanne de Penthièvre'', ''Jeanne la Boiteuse'') ([[1319]] – [[10 a viz Gwengolo]] [[1384]]) a voe [[dugez Breizh]]
([[suo jure]]) [[jure uxoris|war un dro gant]] [[CharlesCharlez of BloisBleaz]] etre [[1341]] ha [[1364]], e-pad bloavezhioù [[Brezel Hêrezh Breizh]]. Ouzhpenn-se e oa kontez [[Pentevr]].
E 1337 e timezas da [[Charlez Bleaz]] en [[Pariz]]
Merc'h e oa da Guy Pentevr, breur da [[Yann III]], ha bugel nemeti he zad. ouzhpenn-se, dre ma oa divugel an dug e oa pennhêrez nemeti kurunenn an Duged.
E 1337 e timezas da [[Charlez Bleaz]] en [[Pariz]].
She and wasin one1341 ofon the protagonistsdeath of John III, the [[Bretoncouple assumed the Warrule of Succession]].the Joannaduchy wasof theBrittany, onlybeing daughtersupported ofby Guymost of Brittanythe local nobility and administration. However, count[[John IV, Duke of Penthièvre,Brittany|John andof thusDreux]], nieceborn andfrom the ansecond heiressmarriage of duke [[JohnArthur IIIII, Duke of Brittany|JohnArthur IIIII]] to Yolande de Montfort, did not agree to let go of his own rights.
In 1337, she married [[Charles, Duke of Brittany|Charles of Blois]] in [[Paris]] and in 1341 on the death of John III, the couple assumed the rule of the duchy of Brittany, being supported by most of the local nobility and administration. However, [[John IV, Duke of Brittany|John of Dreux]], born from the second marriage of duke [[Arthur II, Duke of Brittany|Arthur II]] to Yolande de Montfort, did not agree to let go of his own rights.
The result was the Breton War of Succession, which would end in 1364 with the death of [[Charles of Blois]] in battle and the victory of the Montfort branch. During the war, the military successes varied and both claimants held the rule of some parts of the country. Joanna's party was stronger at least about 1345, and possibly they held larger part of the duchy than the rival between the entire 1341-64 period.
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