Diforc'hioù etre adstummoù "Cesare d'Este"

==Dimeziñ ha bugale==
E dibenn Genver 1586 e timezas da [[Virginia de' Medici]], merc'h da [[Cosimo Iañ de' Medici]]. Honnezh he devoa barradoù follentez ha mervel a reas e 1615.
==Goude e varv==
E vab [[Alfonso III d'Este]] a voe dug war e lerc'h.
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[[Rummad:Duged! Modena]]
[[Rummad:Istor Modena]]
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[[Rummad:Ganedigezhioù 1561]]
The legitimacy of the succession was recognised by the [[Emperor Rudolph II]] but not by [[Pope Clement VIII]]: thus, as Ferrara was nominally a Papal fief, the city was returned to the [[Papal States]], despite the attempts of the young duke, who sought help from the [[Historical powers|Major Powers]] to no avail.
[[Rummad:Marvioù 1628]]
The capital was therefore moved to [[Modena]], which he entered on January 30, 1598. His first years were troublesome: he had to face the quarrels between the Modenese and Ferrarese nobles who had come with him, the attempt at independence of Maro Pio of [[Sassuolo]], and a war against [[Lucca]] for the possession of [[Garfagnana]].
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