Alfred Tennyson : diforc'h etre ar stummoù

Diverradenn ebet eus ar c'hemm
Diverradenn ebet eus ar c'hemm
Diverradenn ebet eus ar c'hemm
*''Poems, Chiefly Lyrical'' (1830), ma kaver
* ''Maud; A Monodrama'' (1855/1856)
** ''[[Maud (poem)|Maud]]''
** ''[[The Charge of the Light Brigade (poem)|The Charge of the Light Brigade]]'' (1854) – En rolletEnrollet e voe mouezh Tennyson o lenn an oberenn.
* ''Enoch Arden and Other Poems'' (1862/1864)
** ''[[Enoch Arden]]''
** ''The Brook'' – ma lenner al linenn "For men may come and men may go, But I go on for ever", whichdiwar-se inspiredeo thee namingvoe ofanvet ar c'hleub [[The Brook|a men's club]] ine New York City.
* ''[[Flower in the crannied wall]]'' (1869)
* ''[[The Window (song cycle)|The Window]]'' – SongKanaouennoù cycle withgant [[Arthur Sullivan]]. (1871)<!--
* ''Harold'' (1876) – begandiwar-benn aar revivalroue of interest in [[Harold II of England|King Harold]]
* ''[[Idylls of the King]]'' (composedsavet etre 1833–1874)
* ''[[Locksley Hall Sixty Years After]]'' (1886)
* ''[[Crossing the Bar]]'' (1889)
* ''[[The Foresters]]'' – a play with [[incidental music]] by [[Arthur Sullivan]] (1891)
* ''[[Chiefess Kapiolani|Kapiolani]]'' (published after his death by Hallam Tennyson)<ref>{{ cite book |title=The life and works of Alfred Lord Tennyson |volume=8 |author=Alfred Lord Tennyson |editor=[[Hallam Tennyson]] |url= |pages=261–263 |publisher=Macmillan |year=1899 }}</ref>
* [[The Lady Of Shallot]] , 1833
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