Diforc'hioù etre adstummoù "Alamaneg ar Vennonited"

D (Alamaneg mennonitek déplacé vers Alamaneg ar Venonited)
Ur [[yezhoù germanek|yezh c'hermanek]] eus skour an [[alamaneg izel]] eo '''alamaneg ar Venonited''' (''Plautdietsch'') komzet gant ar [[Menonited|Venonited]].
Ur [[yezhoù |yezh ]] eo
Hiziv e vez komzet ar [[yezh]] e [[Paraguay]], [[Mec'hiko]], [[Ukraina]], [[Alamagn]], [[Kanada]] (dreist-holl e [[Manitoba]] ha[[Saskatchewan]]), [[Brazil]], [[Belize]] hag ar [[Stadoù Unanet]].
'''Plautdietsch''', or '''Mennonite Low German''', is a language spoken by the [[Mennonites]], who are ethnically [[The Netherlands|Dutch]], but who adopted an [[East Low German]] dialect while they were refugees in the [[Vistula]] delta area of [[Royal Prussia]] (later the [[Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth]]), beginning in the early-to-mid [[16th century|1500s]]. Beginning in the late [[18th century|1700s]], when the region became part of the [[Kingdom of Prussia]], many Mennonites left and created new colonies north of the [[Black Sea]] (present-day [[Ukraine]]), in an area that [[Russia]] had recently acquired in one of the [[Russo-Turkish War, 1768-1774|Russo-Turkish Wars]]. Many Mennonites migrated to [[North America]] — especially [[Canada]] and [[United States|United States of America]] — and [[Latin America]] — especially [[Paraguay]] and [[Mexico]], — most of them live as rural settlers and added some [[Spanish language|Spanish]] and [[Portuguese language|Portuguese]] words to their own language.
Today Plautdietsch is spoken in Paraguay, Mexico, Ukraine, Germany, Canada (particularly [[Manitoba]] and [[Saskatchewan]]), Brazil, Belize and the United States. There are two major dialects which trace their division to Ukraine. These two dialects are split between the ''New Colony'' and ''Old Colony Mennonites''. Many younger Russian Mennonites in Canada and the United States today speak only English. For example, Homer Groening, the father of [[Matt Groening]] (creator of ''[[The Simpsons]]''), spoke Plautdietsch as a child in [[Saskatchewan]] in the [[1920s]] but his son Matt never learned the language.
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