William Lynch (lezenn Lynch) : diforc'h etre ar stummoù

Reizhañ liamm diabarzh; Kuzhat saozneg
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(Reizhañ liamm diabarzh; Kuzhat saozneg)
== Lezenn Lynch ==
Ar gerioù "Lynch's Law", pe [[Lezenn Lynch]], a oa anavezet a-benn 1782 abalamour d'un den anvet [[Charles Lynch]] hag a rae an anv-se eus e oberoù e 1780 a-enep un emsavadeg gant tud manet feal d'ar gurunenn saoz e-pad ar [[Brezel Dispac'heldieubidigezh Amerikaar Stadoù Unanet]]. <ref name="ANB">Brent Tarter. "Lynch, Charles". ''[[American National Biography Online]]'', February 2000.</ref>
<br />An dud a oa diskred warne a veze barnet buan -ha -buan gant ur seurt [[lez-varn]], kondaonet e vezent da vezañ skourjezet, kemeret o madoù digante, rediet da douiñ fealded d'ar galloud nevez, ha da vont d'an arme. Anavezet e voe oberoù eneplezenn Charles Lynch evel oberoù hervez lezenn goude gant Bodadeg Veur Virginia e 1782.<ref name="ANB" />
<br />
<!--E 1811 avat ec'h embannas ar c'habiten William Lynch e teue ar gerioù "Lynch's Law", brudet a-benn neuze, eus ur 1780 compact signed by him and his neighbours in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, to uphold their own brand of law independent of legal authority.
An dianaoudegezh diwar-benn ar Pittsylvania County compact e-skoaz oberoù brudet kenañ Charles Lynch a sach arvar war ar vartezeadenn istorel-se.<ref name="ANB" /> According to the ''[[American National Biography]]'':
<blockquote>What was purported to be the text of the Pittsylvania agreement was later printed in the ''[[Southern Literary Messenger]]'' (2 [May 1836]: 389). However, the Pittsylvania County alliance, if it was formed at all, was so obscure compared to the well-known suppression of the uprising in southwestern Virginia that Charles Lynch's use of the phrase makes it seem most probable that it was derived from his actions, not from William Lynch's.<ref name="ANB" /></blockquote>
The compact published in the ''Southern Literary Messenger'' that proposed William Lynch as the originator of "lynch law" may have been a hoax perpetrated by [[Edgar Allan Poe]].<ref>Christopher Waldrep, ''The Many Faces of Judge Lynch: Extralegal Violence and Punishment in America'', Macmillan, 2002, p. 21.</ref>
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