Mu (lizherenn) : diforc'h etre ar stummoù

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==Implijoù all==
<!--The lower-case letter mu is used as a special symbol in many [[academic field]]s. The upper case Mu isn't generally used in this way because it is normally indistinguishable from the Latin M.
* [[Matematik]]:
**the [[Möbius function]] in [[number theory]]
**the population [[mean]] or [[expected value]] in [[probability]] and [[statistics]]
**a [[measure (mathematics)|measure]] in [[measure theory]]
*In measurement:
**the [[SI prefix]] ''[[micro]]-'', which represents one millionth, or 10<sup>&minus;6</sup>. [[Unicode]] actually encodes the micro sign separately from the Greek letter though they look identical in most fonts.
**the micron, an old unit which corresponds to the [[micrometre]] (which is now denoted "µm")
* [[Fizik]] hag [[engineering]]:
**the [[coefficient of friction]]
**[[reduced mass]] in the [[two-body problem]]
**[[permeability (electromagnetism)|permeability]] in [[electromagnetism]]
**[[Viscosity#Viscosity_.28dynamic_viscosity.29:_.CE.BC|dynamic viscosity]] in [[fluid mechanics]]
**the [[elementary particle]] called the [[muon]]-->
==Gwelet ivez==
[[Rummad:Lizherenneg c'hresianek]]
[[da:My (bogstav)]]
[[es:Símbolo micro]]
[[fr:Mu (lettre grecque)]]
[[pl:Mi (litera)]]
[[ru:Значок микро]]
[[sr:Микро знак]]
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