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I just see you contribution. Thanks a lot. But why not create a template for that ? I will more simple, no ?
A galon, [[Implijer:VIGNERON|VIGNERON]] 7 Kzu 2010 da 10:21 (UTC)
:Hello Vigneron,
:I've made [[patrom:Breizh image|a template]] and put it into the articles.--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] 7 Kzu 2010 da 18:41 (UTC)
::Great, Danke sehr.
::I’m maybe wrong but I think that we could use the <nowiki>{{PAGENAME}}</nowiki> instead of a parameter, no ?
::Herzlich a galon, [[Implijer:VIGNERON|VIGNERON]] 8 Kzu 2010 da 16:39 (UTC)
:::That wouldn't work because the name of one file is ''Skeudenn:Map-'''Bro-Gernev'''.png'', but the article's name is '''''Kerne'''''.--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 12 Kzu 2010 da 19:25 (UTC)
Ur blijadur eo gwelout emañ an [[Ankou]] oc'h ober war-dro ar wikipedia brezhonek. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 7 Gen 2011 da 16:04 (UTC)
:I'm sorry, but I only know a few words in Breton and can't chat in it.
:Ich spreche leider nur ein paar Worte Bretonisch und kann mich nicht darin unterhalten.--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 7 Gen 2011 da 16:07 (UTC)
Pleased to welcome an Ankou as a fellow contributor : I've already met him in many other places but wasn't expecting working together . [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 7 Gen 2011 da 16:29 (UTC)
: :)--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 7 Gen 2011 da 16:32 (UTC)
1. Was the first answer a joke? Every version of an article is saved separately on the servers and clutters up the history of the article. Ignoring this function is just ignorant. No wonder you've got more than 70, 000 edits.
2. I don't think that more pictures with the same topic improve an article with such a short text.
btw: What does the "Kenlabourer" mean?--Ankou - de en-2 br-0 7 Gen 2011 da 19:06 (UTC)
1 I may be ignorant of many things and you may object to my edits. You can object to my 130 new articles in december out of 240 in this wikipedia too.
2 You may think what you like about pictures. So we now have two opinions. What about having ten?
*If you want to take the pictures out of my articles you will need some spare time.
3 Kenlabourer is collaborator, or fellow-contributor. Objecter is eneber. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 7 Gen 2011 da 19:20 (UTC)
== Paleoantropologiezh ==
Well, I was removing some incorrect interwiki links (even though some of them were actually correct), in order to fix the links with my bot in the next step. You can see the [http://br.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Rummad:Paleoantropologiezh&diff=next&oldid=885932 edit I did afterwards with the bot]. I had to add a summary to the edit, sorry. Best [[Implijer:TXiKi|TXiKi]] 8 Gen 2011 da 17:10 (UTC)
:Okay, thanks.--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 8 Gen 2011 da 17:16 (UTC)
== Brezel etre Pologn ha Sveden ==
Bianchi-Bihan, when you're translating an article not at one go you normally should first keep it in the User Namespace and import it into the article when you're finished.--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 11 Gen 2011 da 16:04 (UTC)
:Usually, in this wikipedia, interfering in the way others work is considered bad manners. It is far easier to stop people at work than creating articles. Why dont you go and report to the next police station? [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 11 Gen 2011 da 16:15 (UTC--[[Implijer:Llydawr|Llydawr]] 12 Gen 2011 da 17:14 (UTC))
::It is also in every wiki considered bad manners to reject all good advices and not to answer where a discussion was started. But I'm giving up. Do what you want in "your" wiki. Good grief, working so long in Wikipedia, but still a noob.--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 11 Gen 2011 da 16:28 (UTC)
:::Can you translate into Breton those words i dont undesrstand: User Namespace , noob. Trugarekaat. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 11 Gen 2011 da 16:40 (UTC)
::I don't know the Breton words for them not only because they are rare internet terms, but also because my knowledge of Breton is quite limited. Namespaces are the different sections of an Wikipedia for example Articles (Pennadoù), Templates (Patromoù), Users (Implijerien) and Project Pages (for example [[Wikipedia:Kumuniezh/An davarn]]). Every user can create subpages of his userpage for tests e. g. ''Implijer:Ankou/test'' (page doesn't exist). "Noob" is short for "newbie" or "newcomer".--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 11 Gen 2011 da 17:01 (UTC)
:::Thanks. I never meet these english words in my translations about swedish queens or wars. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 11 Gen 2011 da 17:56 (UTC)
==[[Skopje]] usw.==
Danke für deine Beiträge und deine Hilfe mit Wikipedia auf Bretonisch ! --[[Implijer:Llydawr|Llydawr]] 12 Gen 2011 da 17:14 (UTC)
*I personnally object to this (and others), and would prefer other people's advice : http://br.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Saks-Anhalt&action=historysubmit&diff=892767&oldid=882542. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 16 Gen 2011 da 08:47 (UTC)
:Normally I wouldn't move a whole category without discussing it, but:
:*The category contained only one article, and one subcategory (which I moved too) with two articles.
:*The name of the article was ''Saks''-Anhalt and ''[[Saks]]'' and ''[[Saks-Izel]]'' are at their Breton names too.
:I'm sorry for making [http://br.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Neckar&curid=85482&diff=892839&oldid=892786 these] two stupid mistakes and thanks a lot you corrected it (is "eo" really wrong in this case or just an alternative form of "(a) zo"?). If there's another thing to be discussed please tell me.--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 16 Gen 2011 da 12:41 (UTC)
::Like other Breton speaking users I keep correcting mistakes all the time (http://br.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Kaozeadenn_Implijer%3AFabriz_Coupechoux&action=historysubmit&diff=879567&oldid=761742 ). I don't think mistakes are stupid, but due to bad learning, or no learning at all. If you're not a Breton speaker you have no means to know the difference. We say : ''An Necker zo ur stêr'' but ''Ur stêr eo an Necker''. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 16 Gen 2011 da 13:53 (UTC)
:And: http://br.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wikipedia:Fazio%C3%B9_stanka%C3%B1&action=edit&section=34 . [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 16 Gen 2011 da 14:00 (UTC)
Thank you, I've never seen such a grammar page on other small wikipedias before, but it's quite useful as there are so few nativ speakers on this one.--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 16 Gen 2011 da 14:18 (UTC)
I had thought of doing it, I would have done it just the same. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 18 Gen 2011 da 17:24 (UTC)
: I think [[Leoneg (brezhoneg)]] is totally useless , [[leoneg]] is enough. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 19 Gen 2011 da 18:12 (UTC)
::Yeah, maybe you're right, it's only useful when someone is typing "Leoneg" into the searchbar and sees that there are two subjects with that name.--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 19 Gen 2011 da 21:02 (UTC)
Ya, gourel eo wikipedia:
http://br.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaozeal:Wikipedia [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 23 Gen 2011 da 23:13 (UTC)
:Mersi.--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 24 Gen 2011 da 11:28 (UTC)
== Your requests ==
I've answered on my page.<br />
I've seen that you've deleted a sentence on the home page because we are closer to 40 000 pages than to 30 000 pages, but this sentence is an important one I think because it's to show how efficient have been the breton wiki even if our language is a local language. I propose to put it again. A galon --[[Implijer:Y-M D|Y-M D]] <small>[[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Y-M D|(kaozeal)]]</small> 25 Gen 2011 da 17:39 (UTC)
:Okay, but a bit more decent please, it looked like a importan newsflash, as if the Breton WP just reached 30 000 articles. Maybe not italic and a bit smaller. Apropos Main Page: I think the "Pennad ar miz" should be located at the left of the news section, and not that hidden on the ground, but I'm not well versed with Wiki-tables. A galon.--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 25 Gen 2011 da 17:48 (UTC)
== [[Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro]] ha [[Cristiano Ronaldo (Dos Santos Aveiro) ]] ==
Those pages are totally useless. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 30 Gen 2011 da 15:45 (UTC)
:The second one is of course. But the first one is a necessary redirect. It's a standard that the full name should redirect to the article.A galon, --[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 30 Gen 2011 da 15:49 (UTC)
:Who would think of typing the longest name [[Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro]], which means knwowing this longest name, when the shortest works just the same? You could try with [[Josif Visarionovitch Djougachvili]] too, or [[Caroline Amalie Elisabeth von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel]] . And thousand others. Necessary ? [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 30 Gen 2011 da 16:44 (UTC)
::I think it's needed for the sake of completeness and for linking, I would create the first page you mentioned too (Which is a special case, because the original name is written in cyrillic letters and there are several ways of transcription though). But I don't mean with all first names. [[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 30 Gen 2011 da 16:56 (UTC)
:::I'll be asking as usual for deletion of useless redirects. They may be funny games, not very encyclopedical all the same. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 30 Gen 2011 da 17:02 (UTC)
::To make it more clearly, I'd support ''Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro'', but not ''Elvis Aaron Presley''--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 30 Gen 2011 da 17:05 (UTC)
:::Sorry to say you're just proving it is not ''needed'', despite your word, by anybody at all. Just as useless as [[Augusta Friederike Luise von Hannover]]. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 30 Gen 2011 da 17:17 (UTC)
::It is not needed, because nobody will type it in, is no argument: [[:en:WP:NOBODYREADSIT]]. What do you think how many are reading all the articles about noble Germans. But this topic isn't that important to me. EOD--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 30 Gen 2011 da 18:07 (UTC)
:::You're changing the topic. We were talking about unneeded redirects because one types a short name known instead of a long name unknown. Just logical.
:::Either this or that article should be in a wikipedia is quite a different subject.
:::By the way, those "noble Germans " who made history, and Germany, are in the German wikipedia, and articles are in their simplest names. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 30 Gen 2011 da 18:18 (UTC)
::I didn't object the notability of your articles and of course they should be located at their most simple name or their most known name ''and'' I enhanced that I don't support redirects from full names with all given names. And as you're arguing with the German WP see [http://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Cristiano_Ronaldo_dos_Santos_Aveiro&redirect=no Cristiano_Ronaldo_dos_Santos_Aveiro]. But as I said EOD. Regards, --[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 30 Gen 2011 da 18:23 (UTC)
:::I understand neither this redirect nor your EOD. A Chinese word? [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 30 Gen 2011 da 18:35 (UTC)
::Sorry, EOD means end of discussion, I don't want to cut you short, but it just isn't that important to me and my last comment speaks for itself.--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 30 Gen 2011 da 18:39 (UTC)
==Right or wrong==
Sorry to say: this is doig it the wrong way. http://br.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wynn&action=historysubmit&diff=909480&oldid=787794 Which is typical with unneed ans superfluous redirects. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 8 C'hwe 2011 da 18:38 (UTC)
:No, an article should be at the most simple title. Double redirects don't work at all so they have to be corrected. --[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 8 C'hwe 2011 da 18:41 (UTC)
You have theory, notalways good, I have a little more experience in creating articles. What you did could not work and had to be corrected. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 8 C'hwe 2011 da 18:48 (UTC)
:You don't get it, do you? Ever heard of [[:en:Wikipedia:Disambiguation#Disambiguation links]]--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 8 C'hwe 2011 da 18:52 (UTC)
You are in a Breton wikipedia. I dont take lessons out there. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 8 C'hwe 2011 da 18:55 (UTC)
:I kind of expected such an answer, of course you don't, Jimbo Wales gave the Breton WP to you and said "do what you want"--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 8 C'hwe 2011 da 19:17 (UTC)
==Wrong again==
*http://br.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Thorn&action=historysubmit&diff=909477&oldid=863999. Try to compare with [[:en:Thorn]] and [[:en:Thorn (letter)]], which is how it should be. Regards. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 8 C'hwe 2011 da 20:33 (UTC)
===and again===
*http://br.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Eszett_(lizherenn)&redirect=no. Compare with English, French (etc) , [[:en:Eszett]]. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 9 C'hwe 2011 da 09:09 (UTC)
Okay let's analyse this:
:"You made the problem, I solved it."
::No, I didn't produce a problem at all. I moved it to the simpler title, because there was no disambiguation page yet. And you didn't solve the problem by clearing the article, because you should have moved it.
:"I have a little more experience in creating articles"
::You translate a lot of articles from other WPs, without making a request for copying the article history or even mentioning it on the talk page, I wouldn't call that experience. But that's a bit off-topic.
:"this is doig it the wrong way. [...] Which is typical with unneed ans superfluous redirects"
::Do you mean the remaining redirect [[Wynn (lizherenn)]]? That's no problem, just put the template [[Patrom:Nullañ]] or [[Patrom:Delete]] on it, I would have done it anyway.
:"You are in a Breton wikipedia. I dont take lessons out there."
::Guess why I didn't send you a Breton Version of this page! Because it doesn't exist yet, but it will do sooner or later. And this wasn't even a policy, but a fact.
:"http://br.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Thorn&action=historysubmit&diff=909477&oldid=863999. Try to compare with [[:en:Thorn]] and [[:en:Thorn (letter)]], which is how it should be. Regards. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 8 C'hwe 2011 da 20:33 (UTC)"
::Well I'll ignore that now you are trying to give "lessons" on other WPs. You're refering to my proposal to put the letter on [[Wynn]] and make a disambiguation link to [[Wynn (disheñvelout)]], which wasn't even the more important thing I was arguing about. It has to be decided in every single case if one of the topics is much more relevant than the others. Like if there was an unknown comedian named Albert Einstein, then surely [[Albert Einstein]] wouldn't be a disambiguation page and the physician would be located at ''Albert Einstein (fizik)'' or something (bad example, because fictional, but still...). If you think that the letter Wynn isn't that more relevant than the other topics then go ahead and make Wynn a disambiguation page, but DON'T CLEAR IT (that's the more important thing I was talking about), but move it. Yes, you have to ask for deletion of [[Wynn (lizherenn)]] first.--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 9 C'hwe 2011 da 14:00 (UTC)
--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 9 C'hwe 2011 da 14:00 (UTC)
Some others need your lessons:
http://br.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Rummad%3ATud_Stado%C3%B9-Unanet_Amerika&action=historysubmit&diff=909726&oldid=879702 . Regards. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 9 C'hwe 2011 da 14:09 (UTC)
:Since when can someone move categories?--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 9 C'hwe 2011 da 14:10 (UTC)
Neither he nor I can see the problem you see. We're trying to make a learning tool, not learning rules, useless here. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 9 C'hwe 2011 da 14:15 (UTC)
:The only problem is that the history of the article gets lost and that's a very important thing. (And since when can someone move categories?)--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 9 C'hwe 2011 da 14:22 (UTC)
::Here, those who write articles make the rules. [[:en:Wikipedia:What "Ignore all rules" means]] , here: [[Wikipedia:Lammit dreist ar reolennoù]] [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 9 C'hwe 2011 da 14:29 (UTC)
:::Okay, I can accept that. Sorry for being a bit over-bureaucratic.--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 14 C'hwe 2011 da 17:52 (UTC)
:No problem as long as we can discuss problems. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 14 C'hwe 2011 da 18:13 (UTC)
Enoret on gant ar c'hinnig ! ;-) Ret eo din em em soñjal. Ich muss darüber nachdenken. A galon, --[[Implijer:Llydawr|Llydawr]] 21 C'hwe 2011 da 11:22 (UTC)
Your [[Implijer:Ankou/Degemer|pajenn degemer]] is great! Do you intend to set it up soon? It would be nice! A galon,--[[Implijer:Gwendal|Gwendal]] 23 C'hwe 2011 da 21:58 (UTC)
:Thanks a lot, I asked [[Implijer:Y-M D|Y-M D]] what he thought about it, but he didn't response yet. I can't set it up without an okay from the community and I think putting a request about it on the [[Wikipedia:Kumuniezh/An davarn]] page in ''English'' would be very unpolite. One point of criticism could be that it doesn't include the template {{p|Degemer/Keleier ar Wiki}} (which in my opinion is way too much stuff only for users what's not useful for readers). If you have suggestions for my main page proposal, please tell me. A galon, [[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 23 C'hwe 2011 da 22:11 (UTC)
::Hallo! Ich habe die Zeilen oben gelesen. Ich mag Ihre [[Implijer:Ankou/Degemer|pajenn degemer]] auch ! I agree with you that the template {{p|Degemer/Keleier ar Wiki}} contains too much stuff and therefore is not very useful. What would you think of a lighter version such as [[Implijer:Llydawr/Keleier ar Wiki]], which could be included in the main Degemer page ? A galon, --[[Implijer:Llydawr|Llydawr]] 25 C'hwe 2011 da 17:02 (UTC)
:::Something like [[Implijer:Ankou/Degemer/1|this (1)]], [[Implijer:Ankou/Degemer/2|this (2)]], [[Implijer:Ankou/Degemer/3|this (3)]] or [[Implijer:Ankou/Degemer/4|this (4)]]? Or different? - [[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 25 C'hwe 2011 da 19:06 (UTC)
::::I'll have time in a few days to talk about it, and to do what haven't been done yet (a lot of things). A galon --[[Implijer:Y-M D|Y-M D]] <small>[[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Y-M D|(kaozeal)]]</small> 26 C'hwe 2011 da 14:27 (UTC)
::::I think too that it could be nice to keep {{p|Degemer/Keleier ar Wiki}}. Your first proposition (1) is great I think, but could we exchange ''Keleier ar Wiki'' and ''A bep seurt'' ? A galon --[[Implijer:Y-M D|Y-M D]] <small>[[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Y-M D|(kaozeal)]]</small> 1 Meu 2011 da 11:53 (UTC)
:::I changed the Main Page now to the first proposal with exchanged ''Keleier ar Wiki'' and ''A bep seurt''.--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 6 Meu 2011 da 15:54 (UTC)
== [[Jacob Johan Anckarström]] ==
Could you please be so kind as to let me work in my way? Thank you. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 25 C'hwe 2011 da 22:50 (UTC)
:Always a pleasure. - [[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 26 C'hwe 2011 da 01:09 (UTC)
Thank you ever so much. It is always much nicer when you feel just a little bit of support while working for the community. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 26 C'hwe 2011 da 08:14 (UTC)
:Thanks to your kind support I have finished my work. I suppose that in this friendly atmosphere I will be able to create two or three other articles today as usual. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 26 C'hwe 2011 da 08:29 (UTC)
==Can you explain this?==
You asked for deletion of one of the pages I created , and did so without warning. Is it good manners? [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 27 C'hwe 2011 da 10:15 (UTC)
This page has been nominated for speedy deletion.
No reason is given. If you disagree with its speedy deletion, please explain why on its talk page. If this page obviously does not meet the criteria for speedy deletion, or you intend to fix it, please remove this notice, but do not remove this notice from a page that you have created yourself.
Administrators, remember to check if anything links here and the page history (last edit) before deletion.
This page was last edited by Ankou
ADKAS Wikipedia:Kiwi-ni
Adtapet diwar "http://br.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiwi-ni"
Kemmoù diwezhañ degaset d'ar bajenn-mañ, d'an 27 C'hwe 2011 da 10:10. Gallout a reer implijout an testennoù zo dindan an Aotre-Implijout Creative Commons Dereiñ/Kenrannañ; divizoù ouzhpenn a c'hall bezañ ivez. Gwelet an Doareoù Implijout evit gouzout hiroc'h.
:Okay, maybe I should have told you, but you should know that such pages don't belong into the article namespace. Sorry, - [[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 27 C'hwe 2011 da 10:18 (UTC)
:May be you should, and you dont. So maybe I should, and I dont. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 27 C'hwe 2011 da 10:20 (UTC)
::So are you moving it back, or shall I do it=-[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 27 C'hwe 2011 da 10:22 (UTC)
If you do it again, I'll do it again. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 27 C'hwe 2011 da 10:26 (UTC)
:If you want accept that humorous pages which are no articles don't belong into the article namespace, but in the Wikipedia namespace where I moved it to: [[Wikipedia:Kiwi-ni]], I'll have to "report it to the [[m:Steward requests/Global|police station]]".-[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 27 C'hwe 2011 da 10:30 (UTC)
:: Yezh ofisiel hon Wiki: saozneg pe brezhoneg? [[Implijer:Kadbzh|Kadbzh]] 27 C'hwe 2011 da 10:53 (UTC)
:::I try to avoid it to write in English, but at such things it is necessary to interrupt.-[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 27 C'hwe 2011 da 10:55 (UTC)
::::What could be done to resolve the problem is to have redirects from [[wiki-ni]] and [[kiwi-ni]] to the pages [[Wikipedia:wiki-ni]] and [[Wikipedia:kiwi-ni]]. Like that people could find those page and could know that they are humorous pages. What do you think ? --[[Implijer:Y-M D|Y-M D]] <small>[[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Y-M D|(kaozeal)]]</small> 27 C'hwe 2011 da 19:06 (UTC)
I say: please, go and "report it to the [[m:Steward requests/Global|police station]]". [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 27 C'hwe 2011 da 19:09 (UTC)
:No I won't, sorry for breaking my promise not to interrupt your work anymore. [[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 6 Meu 2011 da 15:49 (UTC)
:::::Normally, redirects from the [[:en:Wikipedia:Cross-namespace redirects|article namespace to other namespaces]] are highly inappropriate and should be avoided. Because of that I moved it, and put a deletion request on the redirect, but I didn't want to delete [[wiki-ni]] because there are too many sites which link to it.-[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 27 C'hwe 2011 da 19:15 (UTC)
== Degemer ==
Could we use the template [[Patrom:Degemer/Keleier ar Wiki]] for the part ''KELEIER AR WIKI'', as it was before. It could be easier for the organisation in the future (when the news will change). A galon --[[Implijer:Y-M D|Y-M D]] <small>[[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Y-M D|(kaozeal)]]</small> 6 Meu 2011 da 18:46 (UTC)
:Of course we should use a template. Should I replace the current [[Patrom:Degemer/Keleier ar Wiki]] with the text from [[Implijer:Llydawr/Keleier ar Wiki]] or create a new template?-[[Implijer:F. F. Fjodor|F. F. Fjodor]] 6 Meu 2011 da 18:55 (UTC)
::I think we could replace the text. I'll do it. --[[Implijer:Y-M D|Y-M D]] <small>[[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Y-M D|(kaozeal)]]</small> 6 Meu 2011 da 18:59 (UTC)
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