Diforc'hioù etre adstummoù "Proviñsoù ha tiriadoù Kanada"

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Dek proviñs ha tri ziriad zo e [[Kanada]].
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Setu amañ anvioù 10 proviñs [[Kanada]] :
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|+ alignvalign=top style="background:#BFD7FF" | '''Proviñsoù [[Kanada]]'''
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|+ align=top style="background:#BFD7FF" | '''Proviñsoù [[Kanada]]'''
! rowspan="1" class="unsortable"| Banniel
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Setu amañ an tri ziriad :
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== NotennoùYezhoù ofisiel ==
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1. ''[[De facto]]''<br />
2. ''[[De jure]]''<br />
A-raok bout izili ar c'henvevredad edo Ontario ha Kebek e [[Proviñs Kanada]].<br />
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Kolombia vreizhveuriat, hag Enez ar Priñs Edward a oa trevadennoù a ziforc'h a-raok en em unaniñ e Kanada.<br />
<!--Manitoba was established simultaneously with the Northwest Territories.<br />
Saskatchewan and Alberta were created out of land that had been part of the Northwest Territories<br />
[[Dominion of Newfoundland|Newfoundland]] was an independent [[Dominion]] within the [[Commonwealth of Nations|British Commonwealth]] prior to joining Canada. The Labrador region had been recognised as a possession of Newfoundland since 1927. The provincial name was changed from ''Newfoundland'' to ''Newfoundland and Labrador'' by constitutional amendment on 6 December 2001.-->
== Notennoù ==
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