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Image:Francisco Goya - Portrait of Ferdinand VII of Spain in his robes of state (1815) - Prado.jpg|<center>'' [[Fernando VII]], [[roue Spagn]], <br /> en e vantell lez '' (1815)</center>
Image:Goya Peter.jpg|<center>''Sant Pêr er morc'hed'' (1823-1825)</center>
Image:Francisco de Goya Tio- El tío Paquete.jpg|<center>''Tio Paquete'' <br />(1820)</center>
Image:Goya Two Women.jpg|<center>''Div vaouez <br /> hag ur gwaz '' <br />(1820-1821)</center>
Image:Francisco_de_Goya_y_Lucientes_-_Witches'_Sabbath_-_WGA10007.jpg|<center>''Sabad ar gwrac'hed'' <br /> Mirdi Galdiano, <br />[[Madrid]]. </center>.