Emsavadeg ar Vokserien : diforc'h etre ar stummoù

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Diverradenn ebet eus ar c'hemm
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Lod eus Sinaiz a oa fuloret gant ar fed ma ne The exemption from many Chinese laws of missionaries further alienated some Chinese. [[Marshall Broomhall]] pointed to the policy pursued by Catholic missionaries. E 1899, gant skoazell ur ministr gall e Beijing, e oa roet dezhe ur skrid-embann digant Gouarnamant Sina granting official rank to each order in the Roman Catholic hierarchy. The Catholics, by means of this official status, were able to more powerfully support their people and oppose [[Mandarin (bureaucrat)|Mandarins]].<ref>Broomhall (1901), 7.</ref>
Klotañ a ra kentañ mizioù kresk an emsavadeg gant ar [[100 devezh adreizhañ]] (11 a viz Even –21 a viz Gwengolo 1898), ma klaskas impalaer Sina, [[Guangxu]], gwellaat ar melestradurezh kreiz, though the process was reversed by several court reactionaries. Goude ma oa diouennet ar Vokserien gant soudarded leal eus an impalaer e miz Here 1898, e tilezjont o luganioù a-enep ar gouarnamant ha turned their attention to foreign [[missionaries]] (such as those of the [[China Inland Mission]]) and their converts, whom they saw as agents of foreign imperialist influence.
:Veteran missionary [[Griffith John]] noted afterward: