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[[File:Pontinian_islands_(LT).png |thumb|]]
[[File:Pontine Islands map.png|thumb|right|300px|Inizi Ponziane.]]
An '''Isole Ponziane''' eo an [[enezeg]] [[italian]] e [[Mor Tirrenia]], e pleg-mor Gaeta, ma kaver an inizi-mañ:
*[[Ponza]] (a ro hec'h anv d'an enezeg),
*''Santo Stefano''.
<!-- The islands were collectively n
amed after the largest island in the group, [[Ponza]]. The other islands in the archipelago are [[Palmarola]], [[Zannone]],
and [[Gavi (island)|Gavi]] to the northwest, [[Ventotene]] and [[Santo Stefano Island|Santo Stefano]] to the southeast. These two groups are separated by {{convert|22|nmi|km}}. From [[Sabaudia]]-[[Cape Circeo]] peninsula to Zannone the distance is {{convert|12|nmi|km}}, while Ventotene faces [[Gaeta]] (21 miles). The minimum distance between Santo Stefano and the isle of [[Ischia]] is {{convert|22|nmi|km}}.
The archipelago is [[volcanic]] and has been inhabited for thousands of years. [[Neolithic]] artifacts and [[Bronze Age]] [[obsidian]]s have been excavated on the islands. The islands were used by the [[Etruscan civilization|Etruscans]] who carved the "Blue Grottos". The earliest recorded history of the islands occurs with the [[Roman Republic|Roman]] victory over the [[Volsci]] at 338 BC. According to a local legend, this was once the lost Kingdom of Tyrrhenia which sank with a narrow strip connected to mainland Italy.
During the reign of Rome's [[Caesar Augustus]], residential expansion on the islands was encouraged and people spread from Ponza to Ventotene. Rome used the two islands as a retreat and a place to exile politically troubling citizens. Some two thousands years later the islands were used for the same reason by the [[Italian fascism|Fascist regime]]. [[Agrippina the Younger]], mother to the future Roman emperor, [[Nero]], was exiled to the Pontine Islands by her brother, the then Roman emperor, [[Caligula]], in 39 AD, before having the exile lifted by her uncle, the emperor [[Claudius]] upon his succession. Deposed Pope Saint [[Silverius]] was exiled here in 537 where he would die soon afterwards.
During the 18th century, the [[Kingdom of Naples]] re-colonized the islands, and they later became part of the [[Italy|Kingdom of Italy]].
are populated, while the smaller islands are not. Ventotene and Santo Stefano are land and sea conservation areas supeC
urrently, tiny vineyards, wild herbs and flowers, and secluded beaches and [[grotto]]s make them a popular tourist destination.
rvised by the Italian State.
Dilezet e voe an inizi er Grennamzer dre ma n'halled ket o difenn diouzh ar vorbreizherien arab.
Ponza ha Ventotene zo tud enno, pa n'eus den o chom er re all.
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