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[[File:Pontinian_islands_(LT).png |thumb|]]
[[File:Pontine Islands map.png|thumb|right|300px|Inizi Ponziane.]]
| [[File:Palmarola01Pontinian_islands_(LT).JPG|thumbpng|300px|Palmarola.]]
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|[[File:Pontine Islands map.png|thumb|right|300px|]]<br>Inizi Ponziane.]]
An '''Isole Ponziane''' eo an [[enezeg]] [[italian]] e [[Mor Tirrenia]], e [[pleg-mor Gaeta]], ma kaver an inizi-mañ :
*[[Palmarola]], ar gornokañ
*[[Ponza]], an hini vrasañ, a ro hec'h anv d'an enezeg,
*[[Isola di Gavi]]
*inizi ar gevred, stag ouzh kumun [[Ventotene]] : ''Ventotene'' ha ''[[Santo Stefano]]''.
E [[537]] e voe harluet eno ar [[pab ]] [[Silverius]].
*inizi ar gevred, stag ouzh kumun [[Ventotene]]:
*''[[Santo Stefano]]''.
Dilezet e voe an inizi er [[Krennamzer|Grennamzer]] dre ma n'halled ket o difenn diouzh ar [[Morlaer|vorbreizherien]] [[arab]]. En {{XVIIIvet kantved}} e klaskas [[Rouantelezh Naplez]] o adtudañ.
These two groups are separated by {{convert|22|nmi|km}}. From [[Sabaudia]]-[[Cape Circeo]] peninsula to Zannone the distance is {{convert|12|nmi|km}}, while Ventotene faces [[Gaeta]] (21 miles). The minimum distance between Santo Stefano and the isle of [[Ischia]] is {{convert|22|nmi|km}}.
The archipelago is [[volcanic]] and has been inhabited for thousands of years. [[Neolithic]] artifacts and [[Bronze Age]] [[obsidian]]s have been excavated on the islands. The islands were used by the [[Etruscan civilization|Etruscans]] who carved the "Blue Grottos". The earliest recorded history of the islands occurs with the [[Roman Republic|Roman]] victory over the [[Volsci]] at 338 BC. According to a local legend, this was once the lost Kingdom of Tyrrhenia which sank with a narrow strip connected to mainland Italy.
During the reign of Rome's [[Caesar Augustus]], residential expansion on the islands was encouraged and people spread from Ponza to Ventotene. Rome used the two islands as a retreat and a place to exile politically troubling citizens. Some two thousands years later the islands were used for the same reason by the [[Italian fascism|Fascist regime]]. [[Agrippina the Younger]], mother to the future Roman emperor, [[Nero]], was exiled to the Pontine Islands by her brother, the then Roman emperor, [[Caligula]], in 39 AD, before having the exile lifted by her uncle, the emperor [[Claudius]] upon his succession. Deposed Pope Saint was exiled here in 537 where he would die soon afterwards.
are populated, while the smaller islands are not. Vento tene and Santo Stefano are land and sea conservation areas supeC
urrently, tiny vineyards, wild herbs and flowers, and secluded beaches and [[grotto]]s make them a popular tourist destination.
rvised by the Italian State.
E 537 e voe harluet eno ar pab [[Silverius]].
Dilezet e voe an inizi er Grennamzer dre ma n'halled ket o difenn diouzh ar vorbreizherien arab. En XVIIIvet kantved e klaskas [[Rouantelezh Naplez]] o adtudañ.
Ponza ha Ventotene zo tud enno, pa n'eus den o chom er re all.
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