Diforc'hioù etre adstummoù "Klemmvan d'ar C'hrist marv"

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D (corr using AWB)
Meister von Nerezi 001.jpg|En iliz [[Sant Panteleimon (Nerezi)]] en [[Makedonia]]. XIIvet kantved.
Mantegna Andrea Dead Christ.jpg|[[Krist marv ]]. [[Andrea Mantegna]]
<!--The_Burial_Lamentations_by_Theophanes_the_Cretan.jpg|A post-Byzantine ([[Cretan school]]) Epitaphios (so labelled) with influence from Western Lamentations, by [[Theophanes of Crete]]. 1st half of 16th century.-->
<!--Lamentation_of_the_Virgin_Rohan.jpg|A very individual Lamentation from the [[Rohan Hours]]. The grieving Virgin cannot be consoled by the [[John the Evangelist|Apostle John]], who looks up in consternation at a saddened God.-->
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