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'''Elektrion''' a oa roue [[Mikenai]], a oa ur mab da b-[[Perseüs]] ha da [[Andromeda]]. Tad e oa da [[Alkmena]], mamm [[ Herakles]].
Pried e oa pe da Anakso, merc'h e vreur Alkaeus ha c'hoar Amfitrion, pe Eurydice merc'h Pelops.
Tad e oa da [[Alkmena]], mamm [[ Herakles]] ha kalz mibien en doe.
Ur mab all, Licymnius en doe gant Midea, ur vaouez a [[Frigia]].
C'hwec'h mab Pterelaus, diskennad eus breur Electryon, Mestor, a zeuas da Mycenae da c'houlenn o lod eus ar rouantelezh. Pa voent kaset da sutal gant Electryon e voe kaset e saout gante. <!-- Electryon's sons battled against them, and all but Licymnius (on one side) and Evenus (on the other) were killed. Evenus sold the cattle to Polyxenus of Elis. Amphitryon, Electryon's nephew and promised in marriage to Alcmena, bought the cattle and returned them to his uncle, but accidentally killed him as he threw his club at one of the cows. Electryon's brother Sthenelus seized the throne of Mycenae, charged Amphitryon with murder, and sent him into exile.-->
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