Aquellos Ojos Verdes : diforc'h etre ar stummoù

Liamm diavaez marv
(Lamet ar saozneg kuzh)
(Liamm diavaez marv)
==E saozneg==
Lakaet eoe oa bet e saozneg gant [[Eddie Rivera]] hag [[Eddie Woods]] e [[1929 ]], anvet ''Green Eyes'', hag enrollet gant [[Jimmy Dorsey]] e [[1941]].
==Ar son (hep an ton)==
==En saozneg==
<!--The version written for English audiences varies from the Spanish. The Big Band version typically had a male voice singing these words, followed by a female voice singing the same words, with the exception of the last line. This is one version:
:Well, Green Eyes with their soft lights
:Your eyes that promise sweet nights,
(Female voice)
:Green Eyes, I love you.
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*[ Buhez Nilo Menéndez, e-barzh Cuba Ahora]
[[Rummad:Kanaouennoù 1929]]