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(Pajenn nevez : thumbnail|250px|right| Temploù Altun Ha Meur a vil bloaz zo e krog an Istor e Belize. ==A-raok donedigezh tud Europa == Er rannved ma...)
Er rannved ma emañ [[Belize]] e veve ar bobl [[maya]]. Ganet e voe ar sevenadur maya e ledenez [[Yucatan ]], hag alese en em ledas etrezek ar c'hreisteiz, Belize a vremañ, etre ar XVIvet hag ar IVvet kantved kent JK.
Gounideien-douar e oa ar Maya. Ed-Turki, fav, pebr, [[kakao]] a c'hounezent. Dre ma'z ae o sevenadur war ziorren e voe savet ganto tier mein. O matematikoù hag o steredoniezh a oa pell dirak re ar pobloù all.
E Belize e kaver kêrioù maya evel [[Altun Ha]], [[Caracol, Belize|Caracol]], [[Cahal Pech]], [[Lamanai]], [[Lubaantun]], [[Nim Li Punit]], [[Santa Rita, Belize|Santa Rita]], ha [[Xunantunich]].
Kentañ darempred gant Europeiz a voe e 1502, pa verdeas [[Kristof Kolomb]] a-hed aodoù Belize , hep aochañ avat.
The Maya people excelled at farming. Their primary crops included [[maize|corn]], [[bean]]s, [[chili pepper|chili]]es, [[squash (fruit)|squash]], and [[cocoa]]. [[Pottery]], fabric making, [[stone work]], and [[architecture]] grew to a sophisticated level as their civilization progressed. Their achievements in [[mathematics]] and [[astronomy]] were advanced well beyond other comparable cultures of the time.
The [[Mesoamerican chronology|Classic period]] sites flourished until about the 13th century, and suggest that the area had a much denser population in that period than it has had since. Post-Classic sites continued until contact with Europeans. Belize contains the archeological remains of cities such as [[Altun Ha]], [[Caracol, Belize|Caracol]], [[Cahal Pech]], [[Lamanai]], [[Lubaantun]], [[Nim Li Punit]], [[Santa Rita, Belize|Santa Rita]], and [[Xunantunich]].
==First European contact==
[[Tourism]] has become the mainstay of the [[economics|economy]]. The country remains plagued by high unemployment, growing involvement in the South American [[drug trade]], and increased urban crime in Belize City.
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''Some of the material in an earlier version of this article comes from the [[CIA World Factbook]] 2000 and the 2003 U.S. Department of State website.''
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