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*ur [[rouantelezh]] kozh e [[Spagn]], [[Rouantelezh Kastilha]], a voe savet rouantelezh Spagn diwarni
*[[Kastilha Gozh]]
*[[Kastilha Nevez]]
*ur rannvro emren, [[Kastilha ha León]], savet diwar unvaniezh Kastilha ha [[León]], bet rouantelezh ivez
*ur rannvro emren all, [[Kastilha-La Mancha]],
*[[Kingdom of Castile]], one of the medieval kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula
*[[Crown of Castile]], considered to have begun with the final and definitive union of the two kingdoms of León and Castile in 1230
;Other places
*''[[Castilla de Oro]]'', an old name for a region in Central America
*[[Castilla, Sorsogon]], 3rd class municipality in Philippines
*[[Castile, New York]], both a [[village]] and a [[town]] located in [[Wyoming County, New York]].
*[[Spanish cruiser Castilla|''Castilla'']], a Spanish Navy cruiser that fought in the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War.
* [[Brooke Castile]]
;Botany and Zoology
*[[Castilia (butterfly)|''Castilia'' (butterfly)]], a butterfly genus
*[[Castilla (plant)|''Castilla'' (plant)]], a tree genus belonging to the family Moraceae
;Other uses
*[[Real Madrid Castilla]], the reserve team of Real Madrid
*[[Castile soap]], a name used in English-speaking countries for soap made exclusively from vegetable oil
==See also==
*[[Castella]], a sponge cake, specialty of Nagasaki, thought to be originally from Spain
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