Y Mwmbwls : diforc'h etre ar stummoù

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Diverradenn ebet eus ar c'hemm
Diverradenn ebet eus ar c'hemm
Diverradenn ebet eus ar c'hemm
'''Y Mwmbwls''' (''Mumbles'' e saozneg, diwar ar ger gallek ''mammelles'') zo anv ur c'harter bras eus [[Abertawe]], e [[Kembre]].
Gwelout a c'haller dismantroù kastell [[Oystermouth]].
7Kumbles is possibly derived from the French word ''mamelles'', meaning "[[breast]]s", which the two islets at the end of the Mumbles headland resemble. On the furthest islet stands [[Mumbles Lighthouse]]. Situated in the village is the ruin of [[Oystermouth Castle]].
==Notable connections==
*[[Catherine Zeta-Jones]] and [[Michael Douglas]] have a house in Mumbles.
*[[Catherine Zeta-Jones]] was born and grew up in Mumbles.
*[[Ian Hislop]] was born in Mumbles.
*[[Joanna Page]] was born in Mumbles.
*[[Bonnie Tyler]] lives in Mumbles.
*The 2004 mini-series [[Mine All Mine]] starring [[Griff Rhys Jones]] was filmed in Mumbles.
*The Right Reverend [[Graham Charles Chadwick]] served in curacy at All Saints Church and is buried in Oystermouth Cemetery.
*[[Thomas Bowdler]] is buried in Oystermouth.
*[[Jean Jenkins]], an Australian senator (1987-1990), was brought up in Mumbles,
*[[Mal Pope]] lives in Mumbles
==See also==
*[[Gower peninsula]]
*[[Mumbles RFC]]
[[Image:Mum lslade sm.jpg|thumb|center|900px|Bracelet bay, Mumbles and Swansea bay, seen from the [[Mumbles Lighthouse]]]]
[[Image:Mum lslade sm.jpg|thumb|center|900px|Bracelet bay, Mumbles, and Swansea bay, seengwelet fromeus thetour-tan [[Mumbles Lighthouse]]]]
*[[Bonnie Tyler]] liveszo ino chom e Mumbles.
*[[Catherine Zeta-Jones]] wasganet borne andMumbles, grewha upti in Mumblesdezhi.
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