Pyrddin : diforc'h etre ar stummoù

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Disteurel kemmoù 600802 a-berzh Bianchi-Bihan (kaozeal)
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(Disteurel kemmoù 600802 a-berzh Bianchi-Bihan (kaozeal))
Ar stêr Pyrddin (''Afon Pyrddin'' e [[kembraeg]]) zo ur stêr eus kreisteiz Kembre a ya d'ober an harz etre kontelezh [[Powys]] ha hini [[Neath Port Talbot]].
a ya d'ober an harz etre kontelezh [[Powys]] ha hini [[Neath Port Talbot]].
Un harz eo ivez d'ar [[Brecon Beacons National Park]]. Ar stêr hag al lammoù-dour warni a sach gweladennerien d'ar [[Fforest Fawr Geopark]].
It also forms a part of the boundary of the [[Brecon Beacons National Park]]. The river and its [[waterfall]]s are one of the key attractions of the recently designated [[Fforest Fawr Geopark]].
Lod a wel ar gerioù ''pur'' (glan) ha ''dyn'' (den), an den pur o vezañ sant [[Dewi]], sant meur Kembre.
The name is probably a reference to [[Saint David]], patron saint of Wales; 'pyrddin' means 'pure man' in the [[Welsh language]].
==Teir gwazh==
TeigThe [[gwazh]] a ya d'ober ar stêr Pyrddin:streams gwazhioùof Nant y Bryn, Nant y Fedwen ha and Nant Hir acome gejtogether a-raokto diskennform tremathe arPyrddin gevredwhich d'enflows emsouth-eastwards gavoutfor 55km km/ pelloc'h3mi to its [[confluence]] gantwith anthe [[Nedd Fechan]]. <ref>Ordnance Survey Explorer map sheet OL12 'Brecon Beacons National Park: western area'</ref>
== Waterfalls ==
The Pyrddin is best known for two [[Waterfall Country (Wales)|spectacular waterfalls]], Sgŵd Gwladus and Sgŵd Einion Gam, the ''lady's fall'' and the ''fall of crooked Einion'' respectively. Sgŵd Gwladus is formed where a band of erosion-resistant gritstone known as the 'Twelve Foot Sandstone' creates a lip over which the river plunges. It is easily accessible by footpath from [[Pontneddfechan]]. A notable feature beside the fall is the erratic block of gritstone which was balanced so that it rocked - at least until Victorian times when it was displaced. The ruins of a small building close to the falls are thought to be those of a corn-mill.
== Habitat protection ==
The steep and wooded gorge of the Pyrddin like that of its neighbours, the [[Nedd Fechan]], [[Afon Mellte]] and [[Afon Hepste]] is home to many rare [[bryophytes]] which enjoy the cool humid conditions which exist here. Accordingly it has been designated as both a[[site of special scientific interest]] and a [[special area of conservation]]. <ref>[ Countryside Council for Wales website]</ref>
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