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(Pajenn nevez : Un anv kembraek eo Evan, a-wechoù '''Efan''', adstumm da Ieuan. *Evan Davies *Evan Evans *Evan Jones ==Pennad kar== *Bevan en:Evan)
Un anv kembraek a orin eo [[Evan]], a-wechoù '''Efan''', adstumm da [[Ieuan]] pe [[Iefan]], kar d'ar [[Yann]] brezhonek eta.
Deuet eo da vout un anv-badez saoznek, ha brudet a-walc'h e SUA.
==Yezhoù all==
*[[Ian]], e Bro-Skos
The name is derived from "lefan", one of the [[Wales|Welsh]] forms of [[John (name)|John]] and is closely related to "[[Ivan]]", "[[Ian]]", and "Juan"; the name John is derived from the ancient Hebrew name {{hebrew|יְהֹוחָנָן}} {{unicode|Yəhôḥānān}}, which means "[[YHWH]] Is Gracious". Evan is also a Celtic name meaning "Young Warrior". It can also be the shortened version of the Greek name ''Evangelos''. Evanna is an extended name from Evan, usually named for girls, while Eva is a shortened name from Evan for girls. Evan used as a last name can be Evans.
The popularity of the name Evan in the [[United States]] has risen steadily over the past fifty years, from the 440-ranked name in 1957 to the thirty-eight-ranked name in 2005. Overall, Evan has been the forty-eighth most popular name in the world and the sixty-third most popular name in the 1990s.
==Notable people with the given name Evan==
''See also: {{lookfrom|Evan}}''
* [[Evan Alexander]], American politician
* [[Evan Bayh]], former Governor of Indiana and [[United States Senator]] from [[Indiana]]
* [[Evan Chambers]], American musician
* [[Evan Cooper]], former professional [[American football]] player
* [[Evan Dando]], American musician
* [[Evan Dara]], American novelist
* [[Evan Davis (journalist)|Evan Davis]], British economist and journalist
[[Evan Forde]], American oceanographer
* [[Evan G. Galbraith]], former United States Ambassador to France
* [[Evan Howell]], American politician and soldier
* [[Evan C. Kim|Evan Kim]], American actor
* [[Evan Roberts (radio personality)|Evan Roberts]], American radio personality
* [[Evan Tanner]], American UFC Fighter
* [[Evan Stewart]], Zimbabwean Olympic diver
* [[Evan Price]], politikour kembreat
* [[Evan Rachel Wood]], aktourez stadunanat
*[[Evan Davies]]
*[[Evan Davis]]
*[[Evan Evans]]
*[[Evan Jones]]
*[[Evan Williams]]
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