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==Stummoù deveret==
[[File:Evan Rachel Wood portrait 2009.jpg]]
*''Evanna'' a gaver e SUA evit ar merc'hed
*[[Evans]] zo un anv tiegezh deveret
File:Evan Rachel Wood portrait 2009.jpg
The name is derived from "lefan", one of the [[Wales|Welsh]] forms of [[John (name)|John]] and is closely related to "[[Ivan]]", "[[Ian]]", and "Juan"; the name John is derived from the ancient Hebrew name {{hebrew|יְהֹוחָנָן}} {{unicode|Yəhôḥānān}}, which means "[[YHWH]] Is Gracious". Evan is also a Celtic name meaning "Young Warrior". It can also be the shortened version of the Greek name ''Evangelos''. Evanna is an extended name from Evan, usually named for girls, while Eva is a shortened name from Evan for girls.
* [[Evan G. Galbraith]], former United States Ambassador to France
* [[Evan Howell]], American politician and soldier
* [[Evan C. Kim|Evan Kim]], American actor
* [[Evan C. Kim|Evan Kim]], Americanaktour actorstadunanat
* [[Evan Price]], politikour kembreat
* [[Evan Rachel Wood]], aktourez stadunanat
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