Diforc'hioù etre adstummoù "Emboltredoù Vincent van Gogh"

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Van Gogh painted ''Self-Portrait without beard'' just after he had shaved himself. The self-portrait is one of the [[List of most expensive paintings|most expensive paintings]] of all time, selling for $71.5 million in 1998 in [[New York]]. At the time, it was the third (or an inflation-adjusted fourth) most expensive painting ever sold.
Emboltred ebet ne voe graet gant Van Gogh en [[Auvers-sur-Oise]], e-kerzh sizhunvezhioù diwezhañ e vuhez.
Due to the considerable number of self-portraits by Van Gogh's, for a valid identification reference is to the numbers of De la Faille's ''Catalogue raisonné'' (1928 & 1970) ('''F''') as well as to Hulsker's compilation (CHK) ('''JH''').
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