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Robot ouzhpennet: lv:Tau (burts); Kemm dister
D (Robot ouzhpennet: eu:Tau (hizkia))
D (Robot ouzhpennet: lv:Tau (burts); Kemm dister)
Distaget e vez [[LFE]] [t] ken e [[Gresianeg|gresianek klasel]] hag e [[Gresianeg|gresianeg a-vremañ]].
Diorroet e oa bet diwar patrom al [[Lizherenneg fenisek|lizherenn fenisek]] ''tau'' [[ImageSkeudenn:fenisek tau.png|20px|Aleph]].
War-lerc'h e oa bet diorroet ivez al lizherennoù [[Lizherenneg latin|latin]] ha [[Lizherenneg kirillek |kirillek]] T diwar al lizherenn c'hresianek-mañ d'he zro.
== Implijoù all ==
<!--The symbolism of the [[cross]] was connected not only to the letter [[chi (letter)|chi]], but also to tau, the equivalent of the last letter in the [[Phoenician alphabet|Phoenician]] and Old Hebrew alphabets, and which was originally cruciform in shape.
The lower-case letter &tau;τ is used as a symbol for:
* [[Torque]], the rotational force in [[mechanics]].
* The elementary [[tau lepton]] particle in [[particle physics]].
* The lifetime of a [[spontaneous emission]] process.
* The [[time constant]] of any device, such as an [[RC circuit]].
* A [[correlation coefficient|coefficient of correlation]] &mdash; see [[Kendall's tau]].
* The [[Golden ratio]] 1.618... (although [[phi (letter)|&phi;φ]] (phi) is more common)
* [[Ramanujan's tau function]] in [[number theory]].
* Tau in [[astronomy]] is a measure of [[opacity]], or how much sunlight cannot penetrate the atmosphere.
* The prefix of many stars, via the [[Bayer designation | Bayer]] stellar designation system.-->
== Gwelet ivez ==
* [[Lizherenneg ar gresianeg]]
* [[Treuzlizherennadur gresianek]]
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[[lv:Tau (burts)]]
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