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==E varv==
Tennet e voe pep galloud digantañ gant e eontr [[Ludovico Sforza]] a oa levier [[de facto]] dugelezh Milan e-pad ur pennad.
His uncle, [[Ludovico Sforza]], acted as regent to the young duke but quickly wrestled all power from him and became the [[de facto]] ruler of Milan for some time.
ConcerningMervel a reas Gian Galeazzo's deathe in 1494 (e [[Pavia)]] , Italianha historianhervez an istorour italian [[Francesco Guicciardini]] hada this to say in hisskrivas ''La Historia di Italia'' (hervez anv embannadur 1561 e Firenze) (The History of Italy):
<blockquote>The rumor was widespread that Giovan Galeazzo's death had been provoked by immoderate coitus; nevertheless, it was widely believed throughout Italy that he had died not through natural illness nor as a result of incontinence, but had been poisoned... one of the royal physicians...asserted that he had seen manifest signs of it. Nor was there anyone who doubted that if it had been poison, it had been administered through his uncle's ''[[Ludovico Sforza]]'' machinations...<!-- page 54, Sindey Alexander's 1969 translation; ISBN 0-691-05417-7 --></blockquote>
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