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'''Nickelodeon''', anvet alies '''Nick''', a zo ur rouedad chadennoù skinwel [[amerikan]] dre fun evit ar vugale.
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| name = Nickelodeon
| logofile = Nickelodeon logo new.svg
| logoalt = Logo used on the site
| logosize = 160px
| launch = November, 1998
| closed date = September 30, 2009 <small>(Website still active)<small>
| owner = [[MTV Networks]] ([[Viacom]])
| web = []
'''Nickelodeon''' was a [[Japan]]ese cable and satellite TV channel for children, teens and adults. Started on November 1998, the network was [[Viacom]]'s attempt to bring their [[Nickelodeon (TV channel)|Nickelodeon]] brand to the Japanese market. Due to declining viewership, Nickelodeon Japan shut down on September 30, 2009.<ref></ref><ref></ref> However, the official website is still online.
==ProgrammingLiamm diavaez==
* [ Lec'hienn ofisiel ar chadenn]
===Nickelodeon Shows===
*[[Aaahh!!! Real Monsters]]
*[[The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius]]
*[[All Grown Up]]
*[[The Angry Beavers]]
*[[Avatar: The Last Airbender]]
*[[Back at the Barnyard]]
*[[Danny Phantom]]
*[[The Fairly OddParents]]
*[[Growing Up Creepie]]
*[[Hey Arnold!]]
*[[Invader Zim]]
*[[My Life as a Teenage Robot]]
*[[The Ren and Stimpy Show]]
*[[Rocket Power]]
*[[Rocko's Modern Life]]
*[[Powerpuff Girls]]
*[[Spongebob Squarepants]]
*[[Tak and the Power of Juju]]
| name = [[Rummad:Nickelodeon]]
*[[Drake and Josh]]
*[[The Amanda Show]]
*[[The Naked Brothers Band]]
*[[Naturally, Sadie]]
*[[Kenan & Kel]]
*[[Zoey 101]]
*[[Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide]]
====Nick Jr.====
*[[Blue's Clues]]
*[[Dora the Explorer]]
*[[Go Diego Go]]
*[[Little Bill]]
*[[Wonder Pets]]
===Former Shows===
*[[The Adventures of Pete & Pete]]
*[[All That]]
*[[Allegra's Window]]
*[[Clarissa Explains It All]]
*[[Cousin Skeeter]]
*[[El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera]]
*[[Eureeka's Castle]]
*[[Global GUTS]]
*[[Legends of the Hidden Temple]] (Ended January 2009)
*[[Oh Yeah! Cartoons]]
*[[Pic Me]]
*[[Turbo Dogs]]
*[[Louie (TV series)|Louie]]
*[[The X's]]
===Future Shows===
*[[The Mighty B!]] (June 11, 2010)
*[[Ni Hao, Kai-Lan]] (November 2010)
==External links==
* [ Official Site]
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