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'''Aria''' zo
*ur ger [[italianek]], hag a dalvez ''aer, ton, kan'', gwelout [[aria (kan)]]
**anv meur a bladenn ha meur a ganaouenn
**un anv-badez italianek, kemmesket a-wechoù gant un anv persek damheñvelson, [[Arya]]
*an anv persek Aria, a-wechoù Arya, hag a dalv kement hag [[arian]]
*[[Aria (Asia album)|''Aria'' (Asia album)]]
*[[Aria (Gianna Nannini album)|''Aria'' (Gianna Nannini album)]]
*''Aria Galactica'', an unreleased album by [[The Kovenant]]
*"Aria", a song by [[Delerium]]
*"Aria", a song by [[Mauro Picotto]]
*"Aria", a song by [[Kalafina]]
*"Aria", a song by Greek composer [[Yanni]]
*[[Aria (guitar company)]], a manufacturer of guitars
*ARIA, [[Australian Recording Industry Association]], an industry trade group
**[[ARIA Charts]]
**[[ARIA Music Awards]]
*[[Aria (name)]], a given name
*ARIA, [[Aeroflot Russian International Airlines]], a Russian airline
*[[Aria (airline)]], an airline based in Mulhouse, France
*[[Aria Air]], an airline based in Tehran, Iran
*A/RIA, Apollo / Range Instrumentation Aircraft, later ARIA, Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft, a [[Boeing EC-135]] Stratolifter
* ''Aria'', a subgenus in ''Sorbus'', comprising the [[whitebeam]] deciduous trees
* ARIA, Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma, an initiative for publishing guidelines on treatment of allergic [[rhinitis]]
*[[Aria (Belgian comic)|''Aria'' (Belgian comic)]], a fantasy by Michel Weyland that debuted in 1982
*[[Aria (comic)|''Aria'' (comic)]], an American urban fantasy by Brian Holguin and Jay Anacleto, published from 1999-2003
*[[Aria (manga)|''Aria'' (manga)]], a Japanese manga and anime created by Kozue Amano, that debuted in 2001
*[[Aria (software)]], a free download manager for [[Unix]]-like operating systems
*[[aria2]], a lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source, cross platform [[BitTorrent client]] operated in command-line
*[[ARIA (cipher)]], a Korean standard block cipher
*[[WAI-ARIA]], Web Accessibility Initiative for Accessible Rich Internet Applications
*[[Aria Networks]], a telecommunications computer software company
*Aria, a settlement in Greece; see [[List of settlements in the Argolis prefecture]]
*[[Aria (satrapy)]], Latin name for Ariana/Aryana, the area around Herat, in northwest Afghanistan
*Aria, e [[North Island]] e [[Zeland-Nevez]]
*ur gumun e [[Nafarroa]], [[Aria (Nafarroa)]]
*Aria, e [[Gres]], en [[Argolis]].
*[[Aria (satrapiezh)]], anv latinekaet Ariana/Aryana, anv tolead [[Herat]], e gwalarn [[ Afganistan]]
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