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Robot kemmet: la:Alienora (ducissa Aquitaniae); Kemm dister
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D (Robot kemmet: la:Alienora (ducissa Aquitaniae); Kemm dister)
Eleanor was widowed on 6 July, 1189. Her husband was succeeded by their son, Richard the Lionheart, who soon released his mother. Now queen mother, Eleanor acted as a regent for her son while he went off on the Third Crusade. Eleanor survived her son Richard and lived well into the reign of her youngest son King John. By the time of her death she had outlived all of her children except for King John and Leonora, Queen of Castile.
== Lennadurezh ==
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[[it:Eleonora d'Aquitania]]
[[la:Alienora (reginaducissa AngliaeAquitaniae)]]
[[nl:Eleonora van Aquitanië]]
[[no:Eleanora av Aquitaine]]
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