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'''Ronald Bilius "Ron" [[Weasley]]''' zo unan eus harozed romantoù ''[[Harry Potter]]'' skrivet gant [[J. K. Rowling]]. Anadiñ a ra evit ar wezh kentañ er bestseller ''[[Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone]]'' ([[1997]]) evel gwellañ mignon [[Hermione Granger]] hag [[Harry Potter (tudenn)|Harry Potter]]. Evel Harry hag Hermione ez eo ezel eus [[Koskoriadoù Hogwarts#Gryffindor|Gryffindor]]. Dastum a ra nebeut a vrud e-skoaz Harry a zeu da vezañ brudet hag a vez atav lakaet a-wel d'an holl gant e droioù-kaer. Degas a ra a-wezhioù un tamm gwarizi eus e berzh. Ron a gemer perzh en hogozik holl degouezhioù en avanturioù e vignon Harry.
Er filmoù ez eo c'hoariet gant [[Rupert Grint]].
<!-- ==Role in the series==
===First two books===
Rowling first introduces Ron with his family in ''Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'' (1997). [[Harry Potter (character)|Harry]] is lost at [[King's Cross railway station]] with no instructions as to how to board the [[Hogwarts Express|train]] to take him to his wizarding school, [[Hogwarts]]. The only lead he has is that it departs from "[[Platform 9¾]]," which he cannot find. Luckily, he overhears a family, the Weasleys, mention the word "[[Muggle]],", which is the wizarding term for a non-magic person. Harry seeks their help and they guide him through the barrier of Platform 9¾ into the wizarding world. Ron and Harry share a compartment on the Hogwarts Express, and they begin their friendship: Ron fascinated with the famous Harry, and Harry fascinated with the ordinary Ron. It is here that they both meet [[Hermione Granger]] as well.<ref name="{{HP1}}ch6">{{HP1}}, chapter 6</ref> Ron and Harry share the same classes throughout the series, and generally have similar academic successes and disappointments. Ron plays a vital part in the [[quest]] to save the [[Philosopher's stone]]. His strategy at [[Magical objects in Harry Potter#Wizard's Chess|Wizard's Chess]] allows Hermione and Harry to proceed safely through a dangerous life-size, animated chess game. During the game, Ron, who plays as a knight, allows his piece to be sacrificed and is subsequently knocked unconscious when he is captured by the opposing [[queen (chess)|queen]]. His friends proceed on to save the Stone.<ref name={{HP1}}ch16>{{HP1}}, chapter 16</ref> At the Leaving Feast, the last dinner of the school year, [[Albus Dumbledore]], Hogwarts' Headmaster, awards Ron fifty House points to Gryffindor for "the best-played game of chess Hogwarts has seen in many years." These last-minute points help support Gryffindor's win of the House Cup.<ref name={{HP1}}ch17>{{HP1}}, chapter 17</ref>
The second installment, ''[[Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets]]'' ([[1998 in literature|1998]]), takes place the year following the events of the ''Philosopher's Stone''.
During the summer, Ron attempts to write to Harry several times. He receives no reply because Dobby the house elf is stopping Harry's wizard mail. Ron becomes so concerned that he convinces his brothers [[Fred and George Weasley|Fred and George]] to fly their father's enchanted [[Ford Anglia]] car to Harry's home at his [[Dursley family|aunt and uncle's]] house.<ref name={{HP2}}ch3>{{HP2}}, chapter 3</ref> Harry spends the next month at [[Weasley family#The Weasley family and residence|the Weasleys' home]], the Burrow. While attempting to depart from King's Cross station, Harry and Ron find themselves unable to enter the barrier to access Platform 9¾, because Dobby has sealed it off to prevent Harry from going to Hogwarts. With Harry, Ron conceives the idea of taking the flying Ford Anglia to Hogwarts. The plan is successful, but the Anglia loses power at the end of the journey and crashes into the [[Whomping Willow]]. Ron and Harry survive the impact, but the car drives itself off into the [[Hogwarts layout#Forbidden Forest|Forbidden Forest]], a forest at the edge of the Hogwarts grounds in which student access is prohibited. Ron receives a [[Magical objects in Harry Potter#Howler|Howler]] from his mother, chastising him for taking the car.
Later in the novel, Ron, Harry, and Hermione discover that the "[[Hogwarts layout#Chamber of Secrets|Chamber of Secrets]]" has been opened by the Heir of [[Hogwarts houses#Slytherin|Slytherin]], and the dangerous Basilisk released. Suspecting their old enemy [[Draco Malfoy]], Ron and Harry transform themselves using [[Potions in Harry Potter#Polyjuice Potion|Polyjuice Potion]] to resemble Malfoy's close associates [[Vincent Crabbe]] and [[Gregory Goyle]], so that they can spy on him, though they learn he knows nothing of the Chamber.<ref name={{HP2}}ch12>{{HP2}}, chapter 12</ref> During the hunt to find the Heir of Slytherin, Rowling introduces [[Riddle family#Tom Marvolo Riddle|Tom Marvolo Riddle]] when Harry discovers the name on [[Tom Riddle's diary|Riddle's diary]]. Ron is responsible for providing the first clue to his identity, recalling that he saw the name "T.&nbsp;M. Riddle" on a [[trophy]] inscribed "For Special Services To The School".<ref name={{HP2}}ch13>{{HP2}}, chapter 13</ref> Able to interact with Riddle through this diary even though he lived fifty years prior to the action of the story, Harry tells Ron and Hermione that their friend and Hogwarts gamekeeper [[Rubeus Hagrid]] must be the Heir to Slytherin. When Hermione is petrified by the Basilisk, the monstrous creature inhabiting the Chamber, Ron and Harry must work together without her. Ron is forced to come face-to-face with his biggest fear, spiders, in the Forbidden Forest, when the two learn that Hagrid is not the Heir of Slytherin. An Acromantula (giant spider) [[Aragog]], nearly eats the two of them, but the Ford Anglia returns from the Forbidden Forest and rescues the pair. <ref name={{HP2}}ch15>{{HP2}}, chapter 15</ref> Ron and Harry then discover the entrance into the Chamber, and enter it in the hopes of saving [[Ginny Weasley]], Ron's sister, who had been kidnapped and kept in the Chamber. Due to an accident with Ron's wand, the Chamber's ceiling collapses, trapping Ron on one side and Harry on the other. Harry goes on to rescue Ginny and defeat the "memory of" Tom Riddle, a younger version of Harry's nemesis [[Lord Voldemort]]. Ron and Harry are rewarded Special Awards for Services to the School because of their help finding the Chamber of Secrets.<ref name={{HP2}}ch18>{{HP2}}, chapter 18</ref>
===Middle three books===
[[image:ron3.jpg|thumb|left|Rupert Grint as ''Ronald Weasley''.]]
In ''[[Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban]]'' ([[1999 in literature|1999]]), Ron's role is minor compared to his in ''Chamber of Secrets'', and Hermione's role, which was more sidelined in ''Chamber of Secrets'', is larger. However, Ron's rat, Scabbers, whom Rowling introduced in ''Philosopher's Stone'', goes missing; he blames [[Hermione Granger|Hermione's]] new cat [[Crookshanks]], and the two have a falling out.<ref name={{HP3}}ch1112>{{HP3}}, chapters 11 and 12</ref> They eventually make up when Hermione has a nervous breakdown from taking too many classes. Meanwhile, Buckbeak, a [[hippogriff]] owned by Hagrid, has been put on trial for allegedly injuring Draco Malfoy, though in reality Malfoy feigned his pain as a result of his family's hatred for [[Blood purity (Harry Potter)|half-breeds]] like Hagrid, who is [[half-giant]]. As compensation, Ron offers to help with the preparation of [[Buckbeak]]'s defence for Hagrid. Harry, Ron and Hermione go to see Hagrid on the execution day where they discover Scabbers hiding out in Hagrid's hut.<ref name={{HP3}}ch15>{{HP3}}, chapter 15</ref> As they leave, Scabbers bites Ron and runs away. He chases Scabbers to the Whomping Willow where he is grabbed by a large black dog and dragged into a tunnel hidden below the tree.<ref name={{HP3}}ch1617>{{HP3}}, chapters 16 and 17</ref>
Harry and Hermione follow the tunnel, which leads to the Shrieking Shack. The dog is actually the animal form, or [[Animagus]], of [[Sirius Black]], Harry's godfather and an escaped convict from the wizarding prison [[Azkaban]]. Throughout the book, Harry has vowed to kill Black for supposedly turning Harry's parents, [[James and Lily Potter]], over to Voldemort. The school's [[Hogwarts subjects#Defence Against the Dark Arts|Defence Against the Dark Arts]] professor [[Remus Lupin]] arrives just after Harry and Hermione. Along with Black, Lupin casts a spell on Scabbers, who also turns out to be an [[Animagus]] by the name of [[Peter Pettigrew]]. Pettigrew was Black, Lupin, and James Potter's school friend, thought to have been murdered by Black.<ref name={{HP3}}ch1617/> Hiding his death by transforming into a rat, Pettigrew reveals nothing, but Sirius and Lupin piece together that he has been a servant of Voldemort, and it was he who divulged the secret whereabouts of Harry's parents, leading to their murder. Initially, Ron does not believe Sirius and refuses to turn over Scabbers to him, but he is disgusted when he learns his rat's true identity. Unfortunately, Scabbers escapes when the main characters lead him out of the Whomping Willow for execution.<ref name={{HP3}}ch181920>{{HP3}}, chapters 18 to 20</ref> Ron, injured by the bite Black gave him as a dog, is taken to the hospital wing, and is not part of the adventure Harry and Hermione have as they travel back in time to save Sirius and Buckbeak.<ref name={{HP3}}ch21>{{HP3}}, chapter 21</ref> At the end of the novel, Sirius sends Ron an excitable little owl whom Ginny names [[Pigwidgeon]], but whom Ron refers to as "Pig".<ref name={{HP3}}ch22>{{HP3}}, chapter 22</ref>
In ''[[Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire]]'' ([[2000 in literature|2000]]), the Weasleys invite Harry and Hermione to the [[Quidditch World Cup]]. Ron is in awe at his favourite Quidditch player, the famous [[Viktor Krum]].<ref name={{HP4}}ch0708>{{HP4}}, chapters 7 and 8</ref> Ron is even more excited when Krum, still a student at the [[Durmstrang]] wizarding school, comes to Hogwarts to take part in the [[Triwizard Tournament]], a magical wizarding tournament uniting the top three magic schools in Europe.<ref name={{HP4}}ch12>{{HP4}}, chapter 12</ref> When an underage Harry is mysteriously chosen as a Tournament champion, Ron and Harry have a falling out and don't speak for nearly a month.<ref name={{HP4}}ch17>{{HP4}}, chapter 17</ref> Ron believes Harry somehow cheated to enter his name into the tournament without telling him. Whenever they do speak, it is usually to insult or threaten one other. Ron and Harry reconcile shortly after Harry successfully gets by a fire-breathing dragon in [[Triwizard Tournament#The first task|the first task]]; Ron realises how dangerous the Tournament is and believes that Harry didn't enter himself.<ref name={{HP4}}ch20>{{HP4}}, chapter 20</ref> At Christmastime, the Triwizard Tournament's tradition is to host a [[Triwizard Tournament# The Yule Ball|Yule Ball]]. Ron becomes overcome with jealousy when he sees Hermione, unexpectedly attractive, having the time of her life with Krum. When an overjoyed Hermione comes over to Ron and Harry for a friendly chat, Ron loses control and accuses her of "fraternising with the enemy", shocking and appalling her. At evening's end, the two have a heated row.<ref name={{HP4}}ch23>{{HP4}}, chapter 23</ref> Ron's jealousy over Krum is countered by Hermione's dislike of [[Fleur Delacour]] (of the [[Beauxbatons]] Academy and a Triwizard competitor), on whom Ron has an obvious crush.<ref name={{HP4}}ch22>{{HP4}}, chapter 22</ref> Rowling believes that this Ron–Hermione quarrell is some of the beginning signs of their eventual relationship at the end of the series.<ref name=jkr-tlc-mn-2>{{cite web|url=|title=Anelli, Melissa and Emerson Spartz. "The Leaky Cauldron and MuggleNet interview Joanne Kathleen Rowling: Part Two," The Leaky Cauldron, 16 July 2005|publisher=Accio Quote!|date=2005-07-16|accessdate=2007-01-14}}</ref> In [[Triwizard Tournament#the Second Task|the Second Task]] of the Tournament, Ron is the person selected for Harry to rescue from the depths of the Hogwarts lake, as he is the one whom Harry would most miss. Harry successfully saves him, on top of saving Fleur's captive for her and staying to make sure the other two captives are freed as well.<ref name={{HP4}}ch26>{{HP4}}, chapter 26</ref>
In ''[[Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix]]'' ([[2003 in literature|2003]]), Ron is appointed a Gryffindor prefect, much to the surprise of himself and everyone else, especially Hermione, the other new prefect.<ref name={{HP5}}ch9>{{HP5}}, chapter 9</ref> His brother, Percy, now distant and disconnected from the family, sends Ron an owl congratulating him and advising him to "sever ties" with Harry and side himself instead with [[Dolores Umbridge|Professor Umbridge]], the abominable new [[Hogwarts subjects#Defence Against the Dark Arts|Defence Against the Dark Arts]] teacher at Hogwarts; the letter angers Ron.<ref name={{HP5}}ch14>{{HP5}}, chapter 14</ref> Ron explicitly shows his support and loyalty for Harry when his classmates imply Harry is lying about the return of Voldemort, sometimes using his power as prefect to threaten them into silence.<ref name={{HP5}}ch15>{{HP5}}, chapter 15</ref> Though they spend their usual amount of time bickering, Ron and Hermione present a united front endorsing Harry. Ron supports Hermione's suggestion of Harry teaching students practical Defence Against the Dark Arts, which Umbridge, using the [[Ministry of Magic]] to slowly take over the Dumbledore-run school, has all but banned. He helps to found the secret students' group called [[Dumbledore's Army]].<ref name={{HP5}}ch15/> At the climax of the novel, Ron battles the Death Eaters alongside Harry, Hermione, Ginny, [[Luna Lovegood]] and [[Neville Longbottom]] at the [[Ministry of Magic#Department of Mysteries|Department of Mysteries]]. He is injured in the fight, but makes a full recovery by the end of the novel.
===Final two books===
In ''[[Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince]]'' ([[2005 in literature|2005]]), Ron receives fair grades on his [[Ordinary Wizarding Levels|O.W.L.]] examinations. He passes seven subjects and only fails [[Hogwarts subjects#History of Magic|History of Magic]] and [[Divination#Divination|Divination]], but he receives no top scores of "Outstanding" like Harry or Hermione.<ref name={{HP6}}ch5>{{HP6}}, chapter 5</ref> Ron, who has grown taller over the summer, attracts the attention of [[Gryffindors in Harry Potter's year#Lavender Brown|Lavender Brown]]. Harry, the new Quidditch Captain, picks Ron as Keeper for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, over [[Minor characters associated with Quidditch#Cormac McLaggen|Cormac McLaggen]], who is supposedly as good as Ron, but has difficulty with teamwork and following orders.<ref name={{HP6}}ch11>{{HP6}}, chapter 11</ref> Upon learning Hermione most likely had kissed Viktor Krum, Ron's Quidditch performance increasingly grows worse, thrown off by jealousy of his former idol and causing him to be unkind to Hermione. To bolster Ron's confidence, Harry pretends to give him [[Felix Felicis]], the "luck potion." Believing he has actually taken it, Ron performs admirably and Gryffindor wins the Quidditch match. However, Hermione and Ron have a falling-out when Hermione accuses Harry of helping Ron cheat. When Harry reveals the truth, Ron berates Hermione for having no trust in his abilities. At the celebration, Ron kisses Lavender Brown, but is described by Ginny as 'eating her face'. This act makes Hermione jealous, and, in retaliation, she invites Cormac McLaggen as her date to new potions professor [[Horace Slughorn]]'s Christmas party, but he proves to be an egomaniac.<ref name={{HP6}}ch1415>{{HP6}}, chapters 14 and 15</ref> After Christmas, Hermione continues to ignore Ron, stopping only to give him disdainful looks and occasional snide remarks. By now, Ron is visibly discontent with his relationship with Lavender.<ref name={{HP6}}ch17>{{HP6}}, chapter 17</ref>
On his birthday in March, Ron accidentally drinks poisoned mead in Professor Slughorn's office when there to receive an antidote for a love potion-infused Chocolate Cauldrons (courtesy [[Romilda Vane]]) he accidentally ate. Harry quickly saves his life by forcing a bezoar, a poison antidote, into his mouth, and Ron is transferred to the hospital wing. A panic-stricken Hermione arrives, forgetting her past anger. While sitting by his bed, Hermione, Harry, Ginny and the twins hear Ron mutter Hermione's name while half-unconscious. Harry notices that Ron feigns sleep when Lavender visits him. Upon recovering, Ron and Hermione reconcile.<ref name={{HP6}}ch1819>{{HP6}}, chapters 18 and 19</ref> A little while later, Ron and Lavender break up, much to Hermione's joy.<ref name={{HP6}}ch20>{{HP6}}, chapter 20</ref>
Initially, Ron does not support Harry's belief that [[Draco Malfoy]] is a [[Death Eater]], a follower of Voldemort, but later is convinced. Before leaving Hogwarts with [[Dumbledore]] to recover a [[Horcrux]], a piece of Voldemort's soul stored in an object, which makes him immortal, Harry arranges for Ron, Hermione, and Ginny - together with any of [[Dumbledore's Army]] they can summon - to keep a close watch on Malfoy and Snape. Harry also provides them with his [[Felix Felicis]], to aid them in the effort.<ref name={{HP6}}ch25>{{HP6}}, chapter 25</ref> Despite the D.A.'s watch, Malfoy provides the Death Eaters entrance into Hogwarts, and a [[Hogwarts#Recent history|battle]] ensues. Thanks to the luck potion's protection, Ron, Hermione and Ginny are unharmed by the Death Eater's hexes during the battle.<ref name={{HP6}}ch29>{{HP6}}, chapter 29</ref> Snape kills Dumbledore during the battle when Malfoy proves that he is unable to.<ref name={{HP6}}ch27>{{HP6}}, chapter 27</ref> During his funeral, Ron comforts a weeping Hermione. Ron and Hermione vow to help Harry find and destroy the Horcruxes and kill Voldemort, even if it means leaving Hogwarts.<ref name={{HP6}}ch30>{{HP6}}, chapter 30</ref> With these parting remarks, Rowling leaves the door open for Ron's future in ''[[Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows]]''.
Rowling introduces Ron as "tall, thin and gangling, with freckles, big hands and feet, and a long nose."<ref name="{{HP1}}ch6"/> Ron has the trademark red hair of the Weasleys and is indeed one of Harry's tallest schoolmates, even outgrowing some of his older brothers. J.K. Rowling states in the novels that Ron has freckles, but Rupert Grint, the actor who plays Ron, has none. Rowling has also stated that Ron has blue eyes.
Generally speaking, Ron fits many of the stereotypes expected of the sidekick: He's a comical character often called upon to lighten the mood, is immensely loyal to the hero, and lacks much of the talent Harry posesses, at least in terms of magical power. Although smart (as evidenced by his innate chess-playing ability and considerable wit) he is a fairly average student, and is often too lazy to bother with his studies, a habit enabled by Hermione's perfectionist need to do even other people's work for them. He is sarcastic, passionate, hot-headed and often wears his heart on his sleeve (excepting in manners of romance.) With Harry and Hermione, Ron tends to use his sarcasm to bring his friends back to reality when they are formulating far-fetched concepts; for example, when Harry and Hermione hypothesize over [[Tom Riddle]]'s motives for naming Hagrid as the culprit who opened the titular chamber and attempt to find elaborate reasons for the latter's innocence, Ron comments, "how many monsters do you think this place can hold?" <ref name={{HP2}}ch14>{{HP2}}, chapter 14</ref>
There is a highly ambitious side to Ron, and he wants dearly to be popular and successful, due mainly to feelings of being overshadowed by his older brothers and best friend. Despite great loyalty to his family, he occasionally shows signs of being ashamed of their economic situation. This has occasionally manifested itself into fights with Harry out of jealousy, but these issues tend to pass quickly.
Like many of the boisterous Weasley family, Ron has a tendency to argue. This trait is never so present as it is in his relationship with [[Hermione Granger]] where bickering is a staple of their relationship, and is often how they best communicate. He seems to show surprise when some, such as Harry, express annoyance at their arguing as neither he nor Hermione appear to think it's a big deal. In their arguments, while Hermione's tone tends to be patronizing, Ron is more often than not bitingly sarcastic.
===Magic and skill===
[[image:Ron_with_a_broken_wand.jpg|thumb|right|Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley in [[Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (film)|Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets]].]]
Ron inherits [[Charlie Weasley]]'s old, chipped wand, which is made out of [[ash tree|ash]] and has a unicorn hair sticking out of the end. He holds the wand together with [[Magical objects in Harry Potter#Spellotape|Spellotape]] after nearly breaking it in half at the start of ''Chamber of Secrets'', but it malfunctions dreadfully after this, backfiring spells, making strange noises, and emitting objects out from the wrong end. It eventually exploded. Ron's new wand is fourteen inches, [[willow]] and [[unicorn]] hair. He receives this new wand before the start of his third year at Hogwarts. In the movies he is portrayed as probably the least intelligent of the main trio, although in the books he seems to be as smart as Harry. He has also shown signs of incredible tactical ability, as evidenced by his skill of Wizard's Chess (which is played exactly like normal chess but with living pieces). He is often also portrayed as the most practical or pragmatic of the trio, and less likely to lose his head in a crisis than Hermione. (Although in the movies, this was switched, Ron became more of a panicker, for comic purposes, while Hermione was far more collected.) Ron's talents are rarely shown, but he, like the other DA members, survives a violent encounter with adult Death Eaters in ''The Order of the Phoenix,'' and it is implied that during the [[Battle of Hogwarts]] he held his own quite well because he was being helped by Felix Felicis, the good luck potion.
Ron was born on [[Chronology of the Harry Potter stories|1 March 1980]] <ref>[ " Archives: Birthdays"] from [[MuggleNet]]</ref>{{HP6}} to [[Arthur Weasley|Arthur]] and [[Molly Weasley]], the sixth of their seven children, and the youngest son. His middle name, Bilius, is the same as that of a deceased uncle, who is mentioned in ''[[Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban|Prisoner of Azkaban]]''. Ron grew up in the family home, [[Weasley family#The nuclear family and residence|The Burrow]], near the village of Ottery St Catchpole in [[Devon]]. Ron has various siblings; his five older brothers, [[Bill Weasley|Bill]], [[Charlie Weasley|Charlie]], [[Percy Weasley|Percy]], twins [[Fred Weasley|Fred]] and [[George Weasley|George]], and a younger sister, [[Ginny Weasley|Ginny]], each with their own distinct personality trait. One recurring factor in Ron's siblings is that they often appear to be more confident, self-assured and, to varying degrees, more outwardly talented than him.
Rowling has described the Weasleys as an old [[Blood purity (Harry Potter)#Pure-blood|pure-blood]] [[Wizarding world|Wizarding]] family. The family is relatively [[poverty|poor]], and despite Ron's father's promotion from head of the [[Ministry of Magic#Department of Magical Law Enforcement|Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office]] at the [[Ministry of Magic]] to Head of the Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects in [[2005 in literature|2005's]] ''[[Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince]]'', they remain financially strained. Ron is particularly self-conscious, frustrated, and even resentful of his family's modest means;<ref name={{HP1}}ch6/> indeed, his school enemies, including [[Draco Malfoy]] and his father [[Lucius Malfoy]], taunt him for his lack of wealth. Ironically, by the sixth book, Ron's father has been promoted to a much higher-paid position and Lucius Malfoy has been thrown in jail.
Ron is second cousin twice removed of [[Sirius Black]] and [[Regulus Black]] and is part of the famed Black family, though he and the rest of his immediate family have been considered 'blood traitors' and are disowned. Other distant relatives include [[Nymphadora Tonks]], [[Draco Malfoy]], [[Narcissa Malfoy]], [[Bellatrix Lestrange]], and [[Phineas Nigellus Black]].
==Other Media==
Ron Weasley appears in the ''[[Robot Chicken]]'' episode "Password: Swordfish" voiced by [[Russel Harper]]. Draco Malfoy mocks him when Ron's voice changes from the effects of the puberty creature Pubertis.
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