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(Pajenn nevez : '''Infant''' pe '''infantez''' eo brezhonekadurioù ar gerioù spagnolek ''infante'' (gourel) hag ''infanta'' (gwregel) a zo an titl roet e rouantelezhioù Portugal ha Spagn, hag e ...)
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It is also used to denote a grandson or granddaughter in the male line of a reigning monarch. Female consorts of Princes of the blood, when married, automatically gained the title of nobility of Infanta. A male consort to a princess of the blood did not have an inherent right to the title, style and rank of Infante upon marriage.-->
[[ca:Infant d'Espanya]]
[[es:Infante de España]]
[[ja:インファンテ (称号)]]
[[sr:Инфант (титула)]]
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