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*Ur [[Rouantelezh]] dizalc'h e oa eus [[1814]] da [[1866]].
*ur [[Proviñs|broviñs]] eus [[Prusia]] eus [[1866]] da [[1946]].
==Duked Brunswick-Lüneburg, 1635–1692==
===[[House ofTiegezh Welf]], SecondEil tiegezh HouseBraunschweig of Brunswick===
''split off from ''[[Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel|Wolfenbüttel]]''
* [[William the Victorious, Duke of BrunswickBraunschweig-Lüneburg|William the Victorious]] 1432–1473
''reunited with Wolfenbüttel in 1473; split off again from Wolfenbüttel in 1495''
* [[Eric II, Duke of Brunswick-LüneburgBraunschweigLüneburg|Eric II]] 1495–1540
* [[Eric III, Duke of BrunswickBraunschweig-Lüneburg|Eric III]] 1540–1584
''inherited by Wolfenbüttel''
Ernest Augustus received the additional title of elector in 1692.
==DukesDuged ofBraunschweig Brunswick andha Lüneburg, Princes ofPriñsed Calenberg, andha Electors ofDilennourien thean HolyImpalaeriezh Santel Roman Empire, 1692–1803==
*[[Ernest Augustus, Elector of Hanover|Ernest Augustus]] 1692–1698
*[[George IIañ of Great Britain|George I]] 1698–1727 (became King of Great Britain in 1714)
*[[George II of Great Britain|George II]] 1727–1760
*[[George III of the United Kingdom|George III]] 1760–1803
InEn 1803, Hanovere wasvoe occupiedaloubet byHannover France,gant andBro-C'hall didha notne returnzistroas toetre thedaouarn controlan ofDilennour its Elector untila-raok 1814. In the meanwhile, however, Hanoverian ministers continued to operate out of London, and maintained their own separate diplomatic service (which maintained links to countries such as [[Austria]] and [[Prussia]], with whom the United Kingdom itself was technically at war). In 1814, Hanover became a Kingdom.
==Rouaned Hannover, 1814–1866==
*[[George V of Hanover|George V]] 1851–1866
==Liammoù diavaez==
*[http://www.hoeckmann.de/germany/lowersaxony.htm Kartenn Saks Izel 1789]
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