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:::I understand neither this redirect nor your EOD. A Chinese word? [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 30 Gen 2011 da 18:35 (UTC)
::Sorry, EOD means end of discussion, I don't want to cut you short, but it just isn't that important to me and my last comment speaks for itself.--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 30 Gen 2011 da 18:39 (UTC)
==Right or wrong==
Sorry to say: this is doig it the wrong way. http://br.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wynn&action=historysubmit&diff=909480&oldid=787794 Which is typical with unneed ans superfluous redirects. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 8 C'hwe 2011 da 18:38 (UTC)
:No, an article should be at the most simple title. Double redirects don't work at all so they have to be corrected. --[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 8 C'hwe 2011 da 18:41 (UTC)
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