Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou : diforc'h etre ar stummoù

Neither he nor I can see the problem you see. We're trying to make a learning tool, not learning rules, useless here. [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 9 C'hwe 2011 da 14:15 (UTC)
:The only problem is that the history of the article gets lost and that's a very important thing. (And since when can someone move categories?)--[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 9 C'hwe 2011 da 14:22 (UTC)
::Here, those who write articles make the rules. Wikipedia:What "Ignore all rules" means [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 9 C'hwe 2011 da 14:29 (UTC)
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