Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou : diforc'h etre ar stummoù

::Hallo! Ich habe die Zeilen oben gelesen. Ich mag Ihre [[Implijer:Ankou/Degemer|pajenn degemer]] auch ! I agree with you that the template {{p|Degemer/Keleier ar Wiki}} contains too much stuff and therefore is not very useful. What would you think of a lighter version such as [[Implijer:Llydawr/Keleier ar Wiki]], which could be included in the main Degemer page ? A galon, --[[Implijer:Llydawr|Llydawr]] 25 C'hwe 2011 da 17:02 (UTC)
:::Something like [[Implijer:Ankou/Degemer/1|like this (1)]], or[[Implijer:Ankou/Degemer/1|this above(2)]] theor "A[[Implijer:Ankou/Degemer/1|this bep(3)]]? seurt"Or sectiondifferent? - [[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 25 C'hwe 2011 da 1719:3906 (UTC)
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