Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou : diforc'h etre ar stummoù

:::I try to avoid it to write in English, but at such things it is necessary to interrupt.-[[Implijer:Ankou|Ankou]] - [[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Ankou|de en-2 br-0]] 27 C'hwe 2011 da 10:55 (UTC)
::::What could be done to resolve the problem is to have redirects from [[wiki-ni]] and [[kiwi-ni]] to the pages [[Wikipedia:wiki-ni]] and [[Wikipedia:kiwi-ni]]. Like that people could find those page and could know that they are humorous pages. What do you think ? --[[Implijer:Y-M D|Y-M D]] <small>[[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Y-M D|(kaozeal)]]</small> 27 C'hwe 2011 da 19:06 (UTC)
I say: please, go and "report it to the [[m:Steward requests/Global|police station]]". [[Implijer:Bianchi-Bihan|Bianchi-Bihan]] 27 C'hwe 2011 da 19:09 (UTC)
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