Hannover (bro) : diforc'h etre ar stummoù

Diverradenn ebet eus ar c'hemm
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E 1714 e teuas Dilennourien Hannover da vout Rouaned [[Rouantelezh Breizh-Veur |Breizh-Veur]] (gwelout [[Tiegezh Hannover]]). Kreskiñ a reas o levezon en Alamagn diwar neuze. E 1715 e tegouezhas dezho [[Priñselezh Lüneburg]], hag ivez [[arc'heskopti Bremen]] a oa da Sveden betek neuze, hag [[eskopti Verden]] e 1719.
they inherited the e 1705, and the formerly [[Sweden|Swedish]] territories of [[Archbishopric of Bremen|Bremen]] and [[Bishopric of Verden|Verden]] e 1719. As part of the [[German Mediatisation]] of 1803, the Electorate received the [[Bishopric of Osnabrück]].
E 1803 e voe aloubet ar vro gant armeoù gall Napoleon which ruled over it in some form or another for the next ten years. From 1807 on, the Hanoverian territority was part of the [[Kingdom of Westphalia]]. In 1813, the Electorate was restored, and in October of 1814 it became the '''Kingdom of Hanover''' at the [[Congress of Vienna]], in order to make [[George III of the United Kingdom|George III]] equal to the upstart King of [[Württemberg]] in German affairs. The Congress of Vienna installed a territorial exchange between Hanover and [[Prussia]], in which Hanover increased its area substantially. Hanover gained the [[Bishopric of Hildesheim]], [[East Frisia]], the [[Lower County of Lingen]], and the northern part of the [[Bishopric of Münster]]. It lost those parts of the [[Duchy of Lauenburg]] to the right of the [[Elbe]], and several small exclaves in the east.
''inherited by Wolfenbüttel''
===[[Tiegezh Welf]], [[Tiegezh Hannover]]===
''split off from Wolfenbüttel''
En 1803 e voe aloubet Hannover gant Bro-C'hall ha ne zistroas ket etre daouarn an Dilennour a-raok 1814. In the meanwhile, however, Hanoverian ministers continued to operate out of London, and maintained their own separate diplomatic service (which maintained links to countries such as [[Austria]] and [[Prussia]], with whom the United Kingdom itself was technically at war).
E 1814 e teuas Hannover da vezañ ur [[Rouantelezh]].
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