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{{Ront glas}} '''Deleting useful content.''' A piece of content may be written poorly, yet still have a purpose. Consider what a sentence or paragraph tries to say. Clarify it instead of throwing it away. If the material seems miscategorized or out of place, consider moving the wayward material to another page, or creating a new page for it. If all else fails, and you can't resist removing a good chunk of content, it's usually best to move it to the article's "Talk page", which can be accessed using the "discussion" button at the top of each page. The author of the text once thought it valuable, so it is polite to preserve it for later discussion.
{{Ront glas}} '''DeletingDiverkañ biasedtraoù content.peogwir ket neptu''' BiasedDiouzh contentun cantu bee usefulrank contentpennadoù (seear above).Wipedia bezañ an [[Wikipedia:Kumuniezh/Chom neptu|Chom neptuneptuañ]] andposubl. keepPa thegaver content.pennadoù tuek, klask o c'hempouezañ kentoc'h evit o skarzhañ war-eeun;
{{Ront glas}} '''Diverkañ hep kemenn a-raok''': RemarkBewech onma ittiverker inun thedra [[Wikipedia:editbennaket summary|editskriv summary]]un box.diverradur Otherwise,a-raok otherenrllañ usersar whoc'hemm careda aboutvat theevit articlereiñ da c'shoût developmentpetra willzo bebet caughtdiverket unawareaha perak, anda-hendall maye think youc'rehello an impliejrion/ezed all krediñ e oa beingun intentionallytaol-vandalerezh sneaky.anezhañ;
{{Ront glas}} '''Diverkañ hep displegañ''': DeletingErbedet anythinge thatvez isn'tdisplegañ trivialar requiresrag somehag wordsar ofperag justificationeus inar thec'hemmoù [[Wikipedia:edita summary|editvez summary]]kaet orda-benn oner thepennad-mañ'r-pennad, [[Wikipedia:talkestreget page|talkmunnudoù page]].ha Ifreizhadennoùigoù the justification is presented on the talk pagebihan, youken canen simplydiverradur writeken "Seewar talk:"ar inbajenn thegaozeal editevit summarykemmoù box.meur;
<!--{{Ront glas}} '''Deleting or removing text from any Talk page without archiving it.''' Talk pages or any discussion pages are part of the historical record in Wikipedia. Every time the pages are cleaned up, don't forget to store the removed text in its corresponding archive (<nowiki>[[/Archive]]</nowiki>) page. (See [[Wikipedia:How to archive a talk page]].)
{{Ront glas}} '''Deleting your User Talk page or removing text from your User Talk page.''' Your User Talk page is the best way others have of communicating with you. It's OK to clean up or archive old content, but please be careful before removing content from your User Talk page; it may look as though you're trying to hide criticism.-->
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