Diforc'hioù etre adstummoù "Wikipedia:Margodenn"

Diverradenn ebet eus ar c'hemm
Mar kav d'un implijer/ez bennak eo bet implijet lieskontoù evit mergodenniñ e rankont displegañ o abegoù dre mont e darempred gant unan eus ar verourion war-eeun pe dre leuskel ur gemenn war ar bajenn-mañ: [[Wikipedia:Goulenn ouzh ar verourien|Goulenn ouzh ar verourion]].
A-wezhoù n'eo ket sklaer piv a zo a-drek d'ar gont-mañ'r-gont ha ma sav ur gudenn diwar implij didereat lieskontoù e c'hello ar verourion goulenn goût petra eo ar chomlec'h IP implijer gante [[:enWikipedia:Requests for checkuser|reked giwriekaat identelezh un implijer/ez]] (Notenn: betek-hen n'eus implijer/ez ebet war ar Wikiepdia e brezhoneg ganti/añ ar galloud-se, abalamour da se eo ret mont da c'houelnn war al le'hienn-mañ war ar WikiepdiaWikipedia e saozneg).
==Implijoù difennet evit lieskontoù==
==Forbidden uses of sock puppets==
aosut ha ma vez erbedet ouzh an implijerion/ezed krouiñ meur a gont (lieskontoù) n'eo ket difennet hen ober. Difennet eo avat implijout lieskontoù evit kas da benn oberoù hag a savfe a-enep da reolennoù ha pennaennoù mont-en-dro diazez ar Wikipedia.
===Voting and other shows of support===
Wikipedia uses a "one person, one vote" principle for all votes and similar discussions where individual preferences are counted in any fashion. Accordingly, sock puppets may not be used to give the impression of more support for a viewpoint. This includes voting multiple times in any [[Wikipedia:Elections|election]] and requests for adminship.
===Votadegoù ha argerzhadurioù kenasant all===
In addition to double-voting, sock puppets should not be used for the purpose of deception, or to create the illusion of broader support for a position than actually exists.
Evit tizhout kenemglevioù hag ivez evit votiñ en dilennadegoù pe er mouezhiadegoù all hag en holl ergerzhadurioù ma vez klasket goût sav-poent pe ali an implijerion/ezed e ranker doujañ war ar Wikiepdia d'ar bennaenn diazez "un den = ur vot". Difennet-groñs eo nueze implijet lieskontoù evit lakaat seurt argerzhadurioù da vont war un tu bennaket en un doare direizh.
Ouzhpenn bezañ difennet implijout lieskontoù evit mouezhiañ meur a wezh eo difent ivez o implijout evit ma hañvalfe e savfe muioc'h a dud a-enep pe a-du gant ur sav-poent pe un ali resis.
===Avoiding scrutiny from other editors===
===Klask labourat dre guzh===
Multiple accounts should not be used as a way of avoiding the scrutiny of your fellow editors by ensuring you leave no audit trail. Using sock puppet accounts to split your contributions history means that other editors can't detect patterns in your contributions. While it may be legitimate to do this from time to time (for example, by creating a special account to make edits that might serve to identify you in real life), it is a violation of this policy to create multiple accounts in order to confuse or deceive editors who may have a legitimate interest in tracking your contributions.
Policies apply per person, not per account. Policies such as [[Wikipedia:Three-revert rule|3RR]] are for each person's edits. Using a second account for policy violations will cause any penalties to be applied to your main account. Users who are [[Wikipedia:Banning policy|banned]] or blocked from editing may not use sock puppets to circumvent this. Evading a block or ban causes the timer on the block to restart, and may further lengthen it.
===AdministrativeLieskontoù sock puppetsmerañ===
The community has strongly rejected users having more than one username with admin powers. If you leave, come back under a new name and are nominated for adminship, it is expected that you will give up admin powers on your old account. (You may do this quietly with your old account and not have to show a link between accounts.) You should have only one account with powers greater than those of a regular editor. At this time, the only second account with legitimate administrative powers is [[User:Dannyisme|Dannyisme]], which [[User:Danny|Danny]] uses for Foundation work.
==Implijout dereat evit lieskontoù==
==Legitimate uses of multiple accounts==
Multiple accounts have legitimate uses. For example, prominent users might create a new account in order to experience how the community functions for new users.
===Doppelganger accounts===
:{{main|Wikipedia:Doppelganger account}}
It is acceptable to pre-emptively create another account with a username similar to one's own, with the purpose of pre-emptively preventing impersonation by vandals. Such accounts are called doppelganger accounts, should be marked with the {{tl|doppelganger}} tag (or simply redirected to one's own userpage), and should not be used for editing.
If ''you'' have been accused incorrectly of being a sock puppet, don't take it too personally. New users are unknown quantities. Stay around a while and make good edits, and your record will speak for itself.
===Difficult-to-detect sockpuppets===
If you think that someone is using sockpuppets abusively and wish to get further people's comments on the matter, you should create a report at [[Wikipedia:Suspected sock puppets]] and follow the instructions there.
The original or best-known account of a user that operates sock puppets may be tagged with '''{{tl|Sockpuppeteer}}'''. If the sockpuppeteer has at least one proven sockpuppet, tag the user page with '''{{tl|Sockpuppeteerproven}}''' instead. Note that these tags are intended for abusive sock puppets and should not be used on the pages of people whose legitimate multiple accounts have not been blocked.
==Gwelet ivez==
== Alternate accounts ==
* [[Wikipedia:Anv-implijer/ez|Anv-implijer/ez]]
* Editors who wish to publicly display a link on an alternate account to their primary account may do so by tagging the "secondary" ones with '''{{tlp|User Alternate Acct|MAIN ACCOUNT}}'''
* [[Wikipedia:Politikerezh stankañ|Politikerezh stankañ]]
* Primary accounts may be marked with '''{{tl|User Alt Acct Master}}'''
==See also==
*[[Internet sock puppet]]
*[[Wikipedia:Single purpose account]]
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