Diforc'hioù etre adstummoù "Wikipedia:Margodenn"

Diverradenn ebet eus ar c'hemm
==Implijout dereat evit lieskontoù==
DaosutDaoust ha ma vez erbedet ouzh an holl chom hep krouiñ lieskontoù dre vras, bez' e c'heller krouiñ hag implijout lieskontoù evit kas da benn palioù dereat.
===Segregation and security===
Other users employ multiple accounts to segregate their contributions for various reasons:
===Isrannañ al labour ha surentez===
* A user making substantial contributions to an area of interest in Wikipedia might register another account to be used solely in connection with developing that area.
Bez' e c'hell un implijer/ez kaout c'hoant isrannañ al labour kaset da benn gantañ/i war ar Wikipedia dre grouiñ lieskontoù evit meur a abeg:
* evit kas da benn labour war un dachenn resis ma vez labouret kalz warni en ur implijout ur gont disheñvel evit al labourioù war tachennoù liesseurt all;
* Since public computers can have password-stealing trojans or keyloggers installed, some users may use an alternate account when editing under these conditions in order to prevent the hijacking of their main accounts.
* pa vez laeret o toupin gante;
* Someone who is known to the public or within a particular circle may be identifiable based on his/her interests and contributions; dividing these up between different accounts might help preserve the person's anonymity. Users with a recognized expertise in one field, for example, might not wish to associate their contributions to that field with contributions to articles about less weighty subjects.
* evit kas da benn labour war un dachenn m'emañ brudet an implijer/ez-se evel un arbennigour warni evit gallout ober an diforc'h gant labourioù all kaset da benn gantañ/i war tachennoù all n'emañ ket ur mailh warne evit ma bne savfe ket divrud war e benn pe war he fenn e-keñver o labour arbennigour/ez;
* A person editing an article which is highly controversial within his/her family, social or professional circle may wish to use a sock puppet so that readers unfamiliar with [[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view|NPOV]] policy will not assume his/her information edits are statements of personal belief.
* evit [[Wikipedia:Kumuniezh/Chom neptu|chom neptu]] pa vezer o labourat war temoù tabutus evit ma ne gredo ket d'an dud all int temoù o tennañ outañ/i ez-personel
===Keeping heated issues in one small area===
Some editors use different accounts in talk pages to avoid conflicts about a particular area of interest turning into conflicts based upon user identity and [[Wikipedia:No personal attacks|personal attacks]] elsewhere, or to avoid harassment outside of Wikipedia. A person participating in a discussion of an article about abortion, for example, might not want to allow other participants an opportunity to extend that discussion or engage them in unrelated or philosophically motivated debate outside the context of that article.
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