Diforc'hioù etre adstummoù "Wikipedia:Margodenn"

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* evit [[Wikipedia:Kumuniezh/Chom neptu|chom neptu]] pa vezer o labourat war temoù tabutus evit ma ne gredo ket d'an dud all int temoù o tennañ outañ/i ez-personel
===Bevennañ ha sioulaat tabutoù===
===Keeping heated issues in one small area===
A-wezhoù e vez krouet hag implijet lieskontoù evit mont e-bioù da dabutoù war un dachenn bennak hag a c'hellfe sevel diwar o identelezh pe evit chom hep bezañ taget koulz war ar Wikipedia pe er-maez eus ar raktres. Bez' e c'hell un implñijer/ez enrollet ober ar mesmtra dre dilugañ ha neuze labourat war un dachenn resis evel un implijer/ez dianav evit lebaourioù berrbad.
Some editors use different accounts in talk pages to avoid conflicts about a particular area of interest turning into conflicts based upon user identity and [[Wikipedia:No personal attacks|personal attacks]] elsewhere, or to avoid harassment outside of Wikipedia. A person participating in a discussion of an article about abortion, for example, might not want to allow other participants an opportunity to extend that discussion or engage them in unrelated or philosophically motivated debate outside the context of that article.
Arabat implijout seurt doareoù avat evit hañvalout bezañ un implijer7ez disheñvel evit margodenniñ.
Erbedet e vez ouzh implijerion/ezed bet krouet robotoù gante sevel kontoù a-ratozh-kaer evit bep a robot disheñvel diouzh o c'hontoù-implijer/ez personel-i evit gallout heuliañ gwelloc'h ha reizhañ an oberoù kaset da benn gant ar robotoù o-unan.
Editors who operate [[Wikipedia:Bots|bots]] (programs that edit automatically or semi-automatically) are encouraged to create separate accounts (and request they be marked as bot accounts via [[m:requests for bot status]]), so the automated edits can be filtered out of [[Special:Recentchanges|recent changes]]. ''(See [[Wikipedia:Bots]] for bot procedures and policies)''
===Kontoù ''doppelganger'''===
===Doppelganger accounts===
Dereat eo krouiñ meur a gont gante anvioù-implijer/ez heñvel ouzh hini un implijere/ez evit herzhel ouzh implijerion/ezed all d'o krouiñ ha d'o implijout. Kontoù '''''doppelganger''''' a vez graet eus ar c'hontoù -se ha ret eo dezhe chom dizimplij ha bezañ lakaet warne ur gemenn sklaer o tisklêriañ o fal hag gant ul liamm o kas davet ar bajenn bersonel pennañ.
It is acceptable to pre-emptively create another account with a username similar to one's own, with the purpose of pre-emptively preventing impersonation by vandals. Such accounts are called doppelganger accounts, should be marked with the {{tl|doppelganger}} tag (or simply redirected to one's own userpage), and should not be used for editing.
==Megodenniñ vit brudañ tabutoù ha klask skoazell==
A related issue occurs when multiple individuals create brand new accounts specifically to participate in, or influence, a particular vote or area of discussion. This(=mesatpuppet) It is commonconsidered in''highly [[Wikipedia:Articlesinappropriate foror deletion|deletionunacceptable'' discussions]]to oradvertise [[Wikipedia:Guidelines for controversial articles|controversial articles]].that Theseare newlybeing created accounts, or anonymous edits, may be friends of another editor, may be relateddebated in some wayorder to theattract subjectusers ofwith anknown articleviews underand discussionbias, or may have been solicited byin someoneorder to supportstrengthen aone specificside angle inof a debate. WikipediansIt is also callconsidered suchhighly userinappropriate accountsto [[Wikipedia:Singleask purposefriends account|single-purposeor accounts]],family becausemembers whereasto committedcreate Wikipediansaccounts arefor usuallythe active on a rangepurpose of articles,giving andadditional theirsupport. aimAdvertising isor tosoliciting seemeatpuppet aactivity balancedis growthnot inan articlesacceptable andpractice inon theWikipedia. encyclopedia as a whole, single[[Wikipedia:Canvassing|On-purposeWikipedia accountscanvassing]] comeshould tobe Wikipediareverted with oneif agendapossible.
These accounts are often described as '''"meatpuppets"''', a name perhaps inspired by the [[Meat Puppets|band of the same name]]. They are often difficult to distinguish from real sock puppets and are treated similarly. Neither a sock puppet nor a single-purpose account holder is regarded as a member of the Wikipedia community. The [[Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration|Arbitration Committee]] has [[Wikipedia:Requests_for_arbitration/Regarding_Ted_Kennedy#Sockpuppets|ruled]] that, for the purpose of dispute resolution, when there is uncertainty whether a party is one user with sock puppets, or several users acting as meatpuppets, they may be treated as one individual.
===Advertising and soliciting meatpuppets===
It is considered ''highly inappropriate or unacceptable'' to advertise Wikipedia articles that are being debated in order to attract users with known views and bias, in order to strengthen one side of a debate. It is also considered highly inappropriate to ask friends or family members to create accounts for the purpose of giving additional support. Advertising or soliciting meatpuppet activity is not an acceptable practice on Wikipedia. [[Wikipedia:Canvassing|On-Wikipedia canvassing]] should be reverted if possible.
The arrival of multiple newcomers, with limited Wikipedia background and predetermined viewpoints arriving in order to present those viewpoints, rarely helps achieve [[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view|neutrality]] and most times actively damages it, no matter what one might think. Wikipedia is not a place for [[Wikipedia:No original research|mixing fact and opinion]], [[Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not|personal advocacy]], or [[argument from emotion]]. Controversial articles often need more familiarity with policy to be well edited, not less.
If you feel that a debate is ignoring your voice, then the appropriate action is not to solicit others outside Wikipedia. Instead, [[Wikipedia:No personal attacks|avoid personal attacks]], [[Wikipedia:Requests for comment|seek comments and involvement]] from other Wikipedians, or pursue [[Wikipedia:Resolving disputes|dispute resolution]]. These are quite well tested processes, and are designed to avoid the problem of exchanging bias in one direction for bias in another.
==Penaos anavezout ha dont a-benn d'ur vergodenn==
==Identification and handling of suspected sock puppets==
===Characteristics of sock puppets===
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