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'''Pelopia''' was the daughter of [[Pelias]] and either [[Anaxibia]] or Phylomache, daughter of [[Amphion]].<ref>[[Apollodorus]], ''Bibliotheca'', 1. 9. 10</ref> She appears briefly in the ''[[Argonautica]]'', giving her brother [[Acastus]] a mantle of double fold before he sails off with the [[Argonauts]].<ref>[[Apollonius Rhodius]], Argonautica, 1. 326</ref> She and her sisters killed their father, having been tricked by [[Medea]] into believing this was needed to rejuvenate him.<ref>[[Hyginus]], ''Fabulae'', 24</ref>
== Merc'h da Niobe ==
'''Pelopia''' wasmerc'h one of theda [[NiobidsNiobe]]., a voe lazhet evel he Shec'hoarezed wasgant slainan bydoueez [[Artemis]].<ref>[[ApollodorusApollodoros]], ''Bibliotheca'', 3. 5. 6</ref><ref>[[Scholia]] on [[Euripides]], ''[[Phoenician Women]]'', 159</ref>
== Daughter (Niobids) ==
'''Pelopia''' was one of the [[Niobids]]. She was slain by [[Artemis]].<ref>[[Apollodorus]], ''Bibliotheca'', 3. 5. 6</ref><ref>[[Scholia]] on [[Euripides]], ''[[Phoenician Women]]'', 159</ref>
== Mamm Cycnus ==
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