Why take out stuff from Ivanhoe here, if you dont do the same in en? Bianchi-Bihan 8 Gen 2009 da 11:31 (UTC)

Good point - I've fixed en. The NSW one should go back in - my apologies. The Ivanhoe in Western Australia is simply a sheep station, while I can't even find the Queensland one in a quite good map I have of the Darling Downs region. Orderinchaos 8 Gen 2009 da 11:33 (UTC)
That's what I was going to ask. Thanks.
Is there an article about sheep station in en? We hardly can imagine what it is. By the way, I just remember pigs in the novel Ivanhoe. Bianchi-Bihan 8 Gen 2009 da 11:41 (UTC)
Yes there is (at w:sheep station). In the northern regions (Kimberley and Pilbara) of Western Australia, there are a few the size of Belgia. Some good pictures of one particular one can be seen at Fraser Range's website. Orderinchaos 8 Gen 2009 da 11:48 (UTC)

About the map - I'm not sure if "Esperance" would get translated as while it was named after the French ship L'Esperance, Australians have absolutely murdered its pronunciation ("S. prince"). Kind of like our highest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko, which should as a Polish name be pronounced "Koh-SHOOSH-koh" but is called "kozzie-US-koh" instead, even by our official dictionary (Macquarie Dictionary of Australian English). If there's any errors needing correction or further translation, just let me know and I'll do what I can (or alternatively, if anyone has a paint program and the Gill Sans MS font, that would work too.) Sorry for persisting in English but this online dictionary only handles one word at a time. Orderinchaos 8 Gen 2009 da 12:31 (UTC)

Hi ! If en:Port Hedland keeps its name in the German or Polis Wikipedia, I can't see any reason why it should be otherwise in the Breton Wikipedia. Did you ever come across that strange Porzh Hedland actually used in Breton ? --Llydawr 8 Gen 2009 da 13:01 (UTC)

I can change it back. I based it on looking at a few other articles and websites but if it's not standard usage then it makes sense to fix it. Orderinchaos 8 Gen 2009 da 14:12 (UTC)
Thanks. Good job you did. Have a drink of chouchenn...
Chouchenn mead of Brittany.jpg
and call again. Bianchi-Bihan 8 Gen 2009 da 16:54 (UTC)