Demat - Hello! Thank You for your works about chess players. A galon. Klaod. Kadbzh 11 Ebr 2007 da 16:16 (UTC)

Demat - Hello

Come and look at: Roll an oberennoù arz o tennañ d'an echedoù. A galon. Klaod.

OK. Klaod.

Graet Done.Tournesol.png Benoni (Kaozeadenn) 9 Her 2007 da 15:53 (UTC)

I am not kadbzh, so get in touch with him if you're unhappy, not with me! I haven't uploaded anything comming from commons. And if there is a problem with any of your images please be more precize. We will delete immediately any of your images if you ask so. But otherwise: we are not on the spanish wiki here so keep cool and calm down! Images are allowed here unless there is a copyright on them.Tournesol.png Benoni (Kaozeadenn) 9 Her 2007 da 22:43 (UTC)