Ë (lizherenn), Ï (lizherenn)Aozañ

English Please delete Ë (lizherenn) and Ï (lizherenn). These two articles was describing the Cyrillic letters Ë (lizherenn) and Ï (lizherenn), but have been used Latin letters as the articles' name.--Sl 29 Ebr 2007 da 12:37 (UTC)

Thank you for your remarks. This was done intentionally to avoid articles with apparently similiar titles and to facilitate usage for people without Unicode (as so often happens). Be that as it may, in the future you are politely requested to refrain from such immdiate deltions yourself on the Breton language project, as it would have been enough for you to have alerted a moderator regarding the error and to request rectification. In this case, renaming rather than deletion would have been suficient.

Neal (Kaozeal) 29 Ebr 2007 da 13:09 (UTC)